Snow is Wonderful Enough or “Why Add God to the Snow?”

Snow is Wonderful Enough or “Why Add God to the Snow?” January 23, 2016

Riffing off our most recent post, it’s quite clear here in the Washington, DC area, that nature, in the form of a huge blanket of snow, is wonderful.   It’s wonderful to experience it from  indoors, looking out.

porch in snow
porch in the snow, Washington, DC 1/23/16

**Sunday AM  1/24/16 update**  Sun shining on the snow and blue skies above.

porch sunday
Porch in the sun

And it’s wonderful that so many drivers heeded the authorities and are staying off the roads.

conn ave in snow
Connecticut Avenue in the snow

It’s terrible that there have been some traffic fatalities and some people are having difficulty getting to the hospital in an emergency.  Nature, like people and politics and luck, can be wonderful or terrible depending on numerous variables that are difficult to measure or control.

Where is God in all this?

God Creation_of_the_Sun_and_Moon_face_detail

That’s an important question to people who have an inner sense of God or who have had a fear of God instilled in them.

We humanists/naturalists/atheists/agnostics/freethinkers are spared that question.  We can simply marvel at the forces of nature however they choose to present themselves.

A columnist’s comment about snow in today’s NY Times expresses this sense well:

 “I’ve never quite lost my amazement at this phenomenon, the suddenness with which the familiar vanishes and a new, better landscape appears…the hallucinogenic dislocation of the great drifts that climbed over houses, the spectacle of a world made thrillingly new.”  In Case of Blizzard, Do Nothing” By DAVID DUDLEY JAN. 22, 2016


>>>>Photo Credits:  Linda LaScola – porch,  Connecticut avenue;  “Creation of the Sun and Moon face detail” by Michelangelo – Unknown. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –


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