From Adam Mann to Carter Warden – Photo Highlights

From Adam Mann to Carter Warden – Photo Highlights October 9, 2016

Update 10/22/16 – Carter’s local newspaper reports on his announcement – positively

Hello Clergy Project Members and Friends —

I’m just back from the Pittsburgh Freedom from Religion Convention with some photos to share from the Adam Mann to Carter Warden unveiling. Yes – that’s his name – Carter Warden.

There will be more about him when he writes about it on his own and I have more time to describe this truly inspiring event. For now, we both thought it was important to get the basic information out.   He’s been waiting such a long time to be himself.

It was an exciting time and the first time we have seen each other since 2009 when I drove down south to interview him.

Here he is right after his talk, which he ended with an original song: “Life After You”.

Adam guitar FFRF 10-16
Carter Warden, October 7, 2016

I had heard it when he first composed it years ago, but I must say, the live performance was much more rousing than the recording. He was really into it.

So was the crowd.

audience cheering FFRF 10-16

And here are the four Clergy Project founders taking questions after his talk.


Dan Barker         Dan Dennett                Carter Warden              Linda LaScola

And here we are again – standing and smiling, especially Carter.

How I love saying that name, though I often slipped back into “Adam.” Old habits die hard, but I bet Carter soon becomes accustomed to being himself.

>>>>Photo Credits:  All photos by Andrew Seidel, FFRF Convention, Pittsburgh, PA, 10/7-9/16

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