Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

From Santa Dan, Linda and Catherine!

Baby Deniz,

Bad Santa and crying baby too!

Santa Dan
>>>Photo Credits: Joeckingham via photopincc

Bad Santa




>>>Photo Credits:

<a href=””>Joeckingham</a> via <a href=””>photopin</aref=””>cc</a – See more at:

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  • ThaneOfDrones

    Happy Newtonmas to all who believe in gravity

    • Cozmo the Magician

      Happy Gravmass!

    • Jim Jones

      And happy landings for those who don’t!

    • Some guy

      May you stand forever on the shoulders of giants!

  • Jim Jones

    I suspect it’s the Santa persons who cry at the end of the day!

  • And a very happy Xmas Solstice Day and Season to Y’all!

  • ElizabetB.

    “On the Seventh Day of Christmas…” free streaming of a glbtq/church issues movie “The Road to Edmund” through New Year’s Day midnight. When they asked for feedback, I answered, “Well done, Team!! Imaginative, moving, beautiful, interesting, quirky, humorous. Thank you!!! As an 81-year-old born into fundamentalistic mainline [sic], fighting for glbtq couples for decades, seeing my denomination become (sometimes grudgingly) welcoming, and finally deciding I’m just a pan-compassionist freethinker, I’m not tied now to what officialdom says, so the film doesn’t strike me with the power I’m sure it does for all under the weight of traditionalist authority. For them, I can only imagine the joy. Thank you for doing this!!!!!!!”
    Discovered you do have to sign up for Vimeo for watching, but you skip the payment information. You can pay anything or zip, thru Paypal.
    I’m putting the link in a separate comment, since sometimes Disqus id’s my links as spam : )
    Happy 7th Day!

    • ElizabetB.
    • ElizabetB.

      In case the link disappears as mine sometimes do, can try
      Good luck, if you’re interested in watching!
      (Includes a trailer)

      • ElizabetB.

        PS Youth pastor gets “furloughed” for supporting young woman who came out to him. Sets out on “Jesus time out” bike journey to try to think things through. Encounters eccentric guy with van “White Lightning,” & adventures and theology ensue. Point is that God loves & supports glbtq & straight, with a bracing riff against pastors who support glbtq privately but not publicly in order to protect their jobs.

        Encouraging to see strong argument against traditionalist stance! Since it comes from people who think of themselves as part of the Christian tradition, I hope it will help that taboo get left behind!!

  • mason lane

    Thanks Linda, Judy and I are adroit at avoiding the Chris Mess. Have a good New Year.