Local Christian Woman Blasts Evil Democrats for “Persecuting” President Trump

Local Christian Woman Blasts Evil Democrats for “Persecuting” President Trump February 24, 2020

Editor’s Note: Living, as I do, in an overwhelming sea of liberals, it’s hard to imagine life in one of the many areas in the US that overwhelmingly and fiercely support Trump.  This former pastor tells us how he handles it – and loses a few campaign signs in the process. /Linda LaScola, Editor


By Bruce Gerencser

Recently, a woman wrote a letter to the editor of the West Bend News — a weekly publication. In the letter, the woman quotes Psalm 58:1-11 — implying that Democrats are wicked, evil liars and snakes —  and then proceeds to rail against the Democrats for their slights against one President Donald J. Trump, also known as the Orange Menace.

Here’s the non-Bible part of her letter:

God has the last word, that’s why Donald Trump is in office. Put protection around the President. No weapons against the President Donald Trump will prosper. In Jesus’ name thank you Lord. Protect the security guards that lay their lives down for the President. A divided house won’t stand. You’re trying to get dirt on the president and wasting taxpayers’ money (why) maybe you should look in your closet. If you’re without sin you can cast the first stone. Democrats are using the hatred act against our President Donald J. Trump. God’s still on the throne, “Avenges is mine,” said the Lord (not yours).

I am hesitant to say much about this letter due to the fact that its writer is almost 80 years old and a lifelong Republican. On the other hand, her letter is a perfect example of the Christian-Republican union that is prominent among older residents of rural northwest Ohio and northeast Indiana. In 2016, Donald Trump easily won the counties surrounding my home in Ney. Come November he will carry these counties again, likely by a higher margin than he did in 2016. The same will happen with the elections of local and state Republican candidates. Democratic candidates, if they run at all, will likely be thrashed, leaving them to wonder why they bothered. When over seventy percent of locals vote Republican, it is impossible for Democrats to win elections. Locals of The Great Generation and Baby Boomers overwhelmingly vote Republican. While the future rests with younger residents, many of them are indifferent to politics, don’t vote, and those who are politically active find that local Democratic Party officials are often clueless about the issues affecting younger Americans. I don’t know of one local active Democratic outreach to younger voters. Sadly, the people running local Democratic offices are generally in their 50s and up.

The aforementioned letter writer doesn’t say anything that I don’t hear locals say at ballgames, restaurants, or other public places, or write in letters to the editors of local papers or post on social media. I shoot photos upwards of a hundred local basketball/baseball/football games, volleyball matches, and track meets every year. I am retired, so I do this as a way to give back to our local school district and provide student-athletes and their families with quality photographs. Keeps me busy, allows me to meet new people, and takes my mind off the unrelenting chronic pain I battle each and every day. Doing so, however, exposes me to far more Trumpist Christian bullshit than I care to see or hear.

As I mentioned above, most locals vote Republican. Those I meet in public often “assume” that I am part of the Trump tribe. This is especially true on social media. I can count on two hands local Democrats I have met. And those who are as liberal as I am? “One is the loneliest number”, Three Dog Night sang in 1969, and I find that to be true when it comes to locals who line up with me politically. I’ve learned to accept that I am a vampire-like outlier. Even among Democrats, my view on abortion is a minority viewpoint. This is due, of course, to the pervasiveness of conservative Christianity. The overwhelming majority of the letters to the editors of the Defiance Crescent-News over the past decade advocating pro-choice positions were written by yours truly. I love living in rural Ohio, but politically I find it impossible to feel at home.

If locals want to read my pointed viewpoint on American politics, Donald Trump, the culture war, and Evangelical Christianity, they have to go to this blog, Twitter, or my Facebook page. On my personal Facebook wall, I am decidedly a-political and a-religious. Many of my Facebook friends are not so inclined, especially local Republicans I am “friends” with. Trump worship is common, and libtards and evil commie socialists — also known as Bruce “Santa Claus” Gerencser — are routinely savaged, abused, and slandered. I have no doubt that many of these people think the West Bend News letter writer is spot on with her God- and Bible-inspired attack of her Democratic neighbors and the Party in general (though I am sure many of them would wince at her atrocious grammar).

Later this week, I will plant in my front yard campaign signs for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg. I am hoping one of the three will be the Democratic candidate for president. I hope one of the other two will be the chosen candidate’s vice president. In 2016, you may remember, I prominently displayed my support for Sanders. I only knew of a handful of other locals who were willing to show their support for Bernie. To do so is socially and economically risky. My sign “disappeared” before the election. It was, best to my knowledge, stolen by a Trump supporter who could no longer stand looking at my sign as he or she drove by my house. Here’s a screenshot of a discussion Trump supporters had about my Bernie sign in February 2016:

[Please also see my posts: The First Bernie Sanders Sighting in Defiance County, Ohio, Encouraged by a Young Bernie Sanders Supporter, and Local Residents Threaten to Steal or Destroy Our Bernie Sanders Sign.]

I decided not to file a theft report, but this time around, if my signs come up missing, I plan to file a police report. Or beat the shit out of the thief with my cane.

Such is life in rural northwest Ohio. There’s much I love about the place of my birth, home to my parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren. When we returned to this area and bought a home in 2007, we decided that there would be no more moves in our future. There are days, however, when I am so discouraged over the local and national political climate and the shenanigans of the most unfit man to ever sit in the Oval Office, that I want to move to a remote area and live off the grid.

President Trump and his supporters have literally worn me out emotionally. The constant lies, distortions, and mixing of church and state makes me sick. Recently, Trump released his budget. More money for the military, Trump’s anti-Mexicans wall, and severe cuts to social programs and regulatory agencies. No surprises. Trump and the Republican Party will not rest until they destroy every vestige of FDR’s New Deal and the social progress the United States has made since the Great Depression. What’s a thoughtful liberal to do? Vote. What else can I do, but cast my votes for people who, at the very least, promise to stem the tide of the Republican/immoral capitalistic/theocratic Christian horde? I know my vote locally is little more than pissing in the face of a hurricane. There’s no chance for local Democratic candidates to win elections.

I’m not being pessimistic or fatalistic. It’s just the facts of life here in northwest Ohio. I do, however, believe that on the state and federal level, my vote can make a difference. Will Democrats unseat President Pussy-Grabber in November? Maybe. My greater hope is for Democrats to retake the Senate and strengthen their hold on the House of Representatives. If Democrats fail on every front, I am headed to the wilderness with a bottle of whiskey in each hand and a backpack of weed. I feel as if liberal/progressive Democrats have one last opportunity to turn back and repair the social and economic damage done to our Republic by Trump, Republicans, and spineless, money-grubbing corporate Democrats. (And even if they succeed, the damage done to our judicial system by Trump will take decades to undo.)

In 2008, Barack Obama called for hope and change. In 2016, Bernie Sanders called for a revolution. What will be our rallying cry for 2020?

**Editor’s Question** It’s the same as Bruce’s: What do you think the Democrats’ rallying cry should be for 2020?


Bio: Bruce Gerencser lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 40 years. He and his wife have 6 grown children and 12 grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for 25 years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. He left the ministry in 2005 and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist. He is also one of the original members of The Clergy Project, which began in 2011. He blogs at The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser, where the above post originally appears.  It is reposted with permission.

>>>>>>Photo Credits: By Michael Vadon – https://www.flickr.com/photos/80038275@N00/20724666936/, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=42609338 ; By Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. – https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45023850 ; By Voice of America – http://www.voanews.com/a/republican-national-convention-day-four/3429400.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=55112414

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  • igotbanned999

    Try having both of your parents support him fanatically.

  • Jim Jones

    > Trump and the Republican Party will not rest until they destroy every vestige of FDR’s New Deal.

    You could write a helpful series of articles for the paper on what to do when Social Security, Medicare and the ACA are gone and point out the advantages of having that money redirected to the military, the police, and billionaires’ bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. Maybe suggest that they set up a PAC and try buying some politicians themselves, pointing out how rewarding it will be. Perhaps provide some recipes for spoiled foods discarded from the supermarket, and for home health care now that the hospital is shuttered and doctors are unaffordable. Ask them if the Democrats will continue the shutdown of services once the Republicans have it started.

    With some persistence, maybe the light will dawn.

  • Linda LaScola

    my sympathies.

  • ♎Adamas

    I am literally the only adult in my family that doesn’t believe Trump is helping them.

  • My wife voted for Trump in 2016 (she’s a life long Republican) and has already stated she won’t be voting at all this year. She doesn’t like Trump anymore but not enough to at least vote for someone else 🙁

  • Brian Davis

    It was disturbing seeing my name in that screen capture. It wasn’t me!

  • Linda LaScola

    Sorry — there must be a lot of Brian Davis’s out there.

    There are even a few other Linda LaScola’s, and if they are religious, I bet they aren’t too happy to be mistaken for me!

  • Linda LaScola

    Maybe she’ll change her mind before the election, but either way, it’s better than her last vote.

  • Brian Davis

    I’m happy for the anonymity that comes from having a common name. Good luck to anyone trying to find out anything about me by searching with just my name. Even if you include my middle name Google returns thousands of result.

  • phatkhat

    I can feel Bruce’s pain. It sounds like his part of Ohio is a clone to my part of Arkansas. Sigh. So much for things being better in the North.

  • mason lane

    The Rallying Cry? … Get rid of the Monarch King wannabe. I never thought a self confessed sexual predator, accused rapist, one of the worst businessmen in the US who made a career of bankruptcies and stiffing people and blowing his inheritance (along with a phony crooked University), who when American banks would loan the con deadbeat a penny got millions of Russian mob banks money, who is now taking the same steps Hitler took, is in the Oval Office and thrills his supporters by insulting political rivals with insulting school boy name calling.

    But the nightmare has happened and he continues politicizing the military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The DOJ is a de facto KGB. Loyalty to the US fascist POTUS is the order of the day, and no group is shouting heil louder than Evangelicals.

    I think their is something in human DNA & brain wiring than many Americans still want the strong arm King Monarch to rule and fulfill favors for the loyal. Here are 20 ways the POTUS despot is following the Hitler pattern of his rise to power. Julius Caesar killed the Senate and Trump has already turned the Senate into a fearful impotent branch of no power.

    If Trump gets elected the past four years damage he’s done will be minor to the damage he’ll do to the already unraveling Constitution and the US unraveling Democratic Republic. Balance of Power and no man above the law have already been revealed to be and American myth, just like the treaty myths the US signed with Indians.

    https://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/09/leading-civil-rights-lawyer-shows-20-ways-trump-copying-hitlers-early-rhetoric-and?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR24hWSwF5dORIqckfRz4nJzFWf7CcWZpyKcnp56Gsfk6EvyyLNfK0Y2a_Y https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/672f5dd92f1f04d25ea40d542db826f80d6e9f24fe923b1954e20b545f314f3e.jpg

  • See Noevo


    I thought that, until recently, Bernie Sanders was considered by those inside and outside of Washington D.C. to be a kind of a
    crazy communist court clown.

    In Bernie’s 30 years as a U.S. senator or representative, what would you say are his three greatest accomplishments?

    Here is some Bernie stuff from his pre-D.C. daze:


  • Expatmom

    I live in a rural area of south Louisiana. It is a deeply red state & comes in virtually last in every category there is. We are washing away. Our streets are nothing but potholes. The schools suck.Boil water alerts are common. And, of course, DJT is an angel sent by god. I have lived in blue states. Great schools, good roads, low crime. I have also lived all over the world & loved the experience. I love my Louisiana. The food, the music, etc. It was always a place where if you were a good person, come sit down & tell us your story! It’s not like that anymore. My old white neighbors think everyone is conservative. I’m hoping one of them gets moved to a nursing home & their house gets sold to a biracial couple when a bunch of kids! And if they happen to be gay, that would be the cherry

  • Wile F. Coyote

    What time is it, everybody? It’s time for another round of the Whataboutism Game, where contestants write in the names of people and events which may — but do not have to! — have minimal reference to the actual topic.

    The post above is an entrant from contestant number one. Let’s hear from some other contestants. We don’t want to have an easy winner for today’s game, now, do we? Come on! Somebody give us another name! or more than one! This is fun!

  • See Noevo

    In Bernie’s 30 years as a U.S. senator or representative, what would you say are his three greatest accomplishments?

  • Great letter, Bruce. You’ll really appreciate these websites: JesusWouldBeFurious.org/AboutDonaldTrump and ThankGodforLiberalDemocrats.org.
    And you’ll be happy to know that we will soon have yard-signs for people like yourself for the latter site! email me.
    Rev. R D

  • “God has the last word, that’s why Donald Trump is in office.”

    Funny how none of them thought that when Barack Obama was in office.

  • Representing his state/district well.

  • Sure, Brian, sure. 🙂

  • I am the only Bruce Gerencser in the world. 🙂 Good, bad, or indifferent, can’t run from what I say or do or blame it on another Bruce. 🙂

  • Rural Ohio is very different from urban Ohio. It is almost as if we live in another era politically and religiously. Very difficult for people who are liberal/progressive such as myself.

  • “Trump and the Republican Party will not rest until they destroy every vestige of FDR’s New Deal.”

    I doubt they can MANAGE THAT , i.e. :

    Civilian Conservation Corps
    Civil Aeronautics Act
    Public Works Admin. and
    Works Progress Administration
    Unemployment Relief Act
    Federal Communications Act
    National Industrial Recovery Act
    National Housing Act
    National Labor Relations Act
    Home Owners Loan Act
    Securities and Exchange Act
    Lend Lease Act
    Fair Labor Standards Act (min.wage & max. hour laws)
    Executive Order 8802 created the Fair Employment Practices
    Committee, banning racial discrimination in defense industries or
    government because of race, creed, color, or national origin
    G I “Bill of Rights”
    Social Security Act
    Tennessee Valley (Power) Authority
    Rural Electrification Act
    Twenty-first Amendment (repealing prohibition)


  • Jim Jones

    They picked a great time to starve the CDC.

  • phatkhat

    Truthfully, I’ve only passed through Ohio. Hubs used to drive a route through there, and didn’t care for it – evidently Ohio isn’t fond of truckers, though he said it was pretty. I guess pretty much anywhere in the Bible Belt/Trumplandia is kinda similar in feeling. I know how rough it is. When I meet another progressive it’s like old home week. There are so few of us here.

  • Jim Jones

    > I decided not to file a theft report, but this time around, if my signs come up missing, I plan to file a police report.

    I’m thinking about 4″ thick cement signs. And alarm systems. And video cameras.

  • Jim Jones

    Republicans in congress are traitors.

    They don’t represent their electors.
    They don’t represent their districts.
    They don’t represent their states.
    They don’t represent their nation.

    They do represent their contributors, and more money = more representation.

  • Jim Jones

    It has idly crossed my mind that perhaps little green men in flying saucers are beaming a stupid ray on the US.

    Unfortunately it is world wide. Something has gone terrible wrong. Maybe it’s TV?

  • Jim Jones

    If it was on the TV and they could vote with the remote there’d be more votes. A lot more.