Soothsaying/Prophesizing: Coming Days in US Politics

Soothsaying/Prophesizing: Coming Days in US Politics September 28, 2020

By Linda LaScola, Editor

OK, everyone, it’s that time that comes once every four years, when US citizens are agonizing about the Presidential elections.  This also happens around the world, because the outcome of the US elections has a tremendous impact on international politics.  There are people in other countries who think they should get to vote in the US presidential election because the results have such an impact on the lives of people around the world.

Here is my list of prophecies, guesses, fondest hopes and worst fears:

  • Pestilence will rain down upon red states. There will be a spike in flu cases among the notoriously unmasked. They will repent, begging for mercy and those who swear henceforth to believe in and adhere to almighty science will be spared, thanks to advances in medicine and updated PPE supplies.
  • More floods and fires will curse blue states, while riots scourge their cities. But lo, science deniers will transform into science believers; the Lion will sit down with the Lamb

and peace will ensue, after Joe Biden is elected.

  • After Trump loses conclusively, he makes a deal with the newly elected president, to not be convicted or go to prison. This deal extends to Barr and other Republican lawmakers who become implicated in Trump-related crimes.
  • Trump will be cast out of the country to a garish, gold-plated resort on an island far, far away where he will live out his days playing golf, drinking coke and ogling young girls who feign interest in him.
  • Many Democrats will be up in arms about this arrangement, wanting the wrath of God to come down upon Trump and his goons. Clothing will be rent and teeth will be gnashed — all for naught, as God uncharacteristically thinketh that it’s best just to move on and not seek revenge.
  • William Barr and other implicated lawmakers will also have the option of being exiled with Trump. Unless they flee, posthaste, before Biden is sworn in, they will stand trial and risk prosecution.   I predict they will choose exile.  Dems won’t like it.  There will be protests around the country, but eventually things die down and people are just glad Barr is gone.
  • Verily I say unto you, The Affordable Care Act, which is going before the Supreme Court right after Election Day, when there is a new conservative justice (no prophesizing on that issue), will NOT be repealed. Not even a band of conservative Catholic justices want to go down in history for taking people’s health care away during a pandemic.
  • The soothsayer sayeth nothing about Trump sending an election fraud case to The Supreme Court, but if that happens, Trump will find out that the conservative majority he so carefully chose, votes against it. The court is not willing to tear down the US democracy, prostitute itself or re-interpret the Constitution to make Trump the King.  Trump will be as determined as The Lord God was in Elijah when he brought the whirlwind and sent flames of fire.

Ultimately, though, Trump is not God, and his fuming won’t work.

  • There will be a peaceful transition of power, because the US military, like the Supreme Court, is loyal to the Constitution and not to a conniving outgoing president.

**Editor’s Question** What are your prophesies, fondest dreams or worst fears about the upcoming election?


Bio:  Linda LaScola is co-author, with Daniel C. Dennett, of Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind (2015) and “Preachers who are not Believers”(2010). They are also co-producers of a play in development, “Adam Mann – Not his Real Name” written by Marin Gazzaniga, that is based on their research.  Linda lives in Washington, D.C. and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the Catholic University of America.  She is a co-founder of The Clergy Project and Editor of the Rational Doubt blog.

>>>>> Photo Credits: By Edward Hicks – National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C., online collection, Public Domain,  ; ; By FFRF

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