Pleasant Political Predictions

Pleasant Political Predictions November 2, 2020

By Linda LaScola, Editor

With this post written just one day before the US Presidential election and just a few months until the next president is inaugurated, it still seems like anything could happen. There is tons of speculation based on polls, most of which show Biden up in swing states, with some daily fluctuation.

Here are some predictions.  Some of them are based on polling info and others based on deep hopes.

Like most of the country, Pennsylvania goes Biden.  It’s a squeaker, but still—. Securing his presidential win, Pittsburgh, Philly and their suburbs carry Biden to victory, despite the wide swath of “Kentucky” in between.

As predicted, suburban housewives all over the country go Biden.  A lot of them are horribly embarrassed by their previous Trump vote, which was really an “I-can’t-stand-Hillary” vote.   They’ve now seen how silly that was and would probably even vote for Hillary this time, if they had to.  Biden looks good to them. And Harris looks even better.

There will be a positive “surprise” between now and the inauguration.  It will be positive for those, presumably the majority reading this blog, who are not fans of the current President, and it will be a surprise, because it isn’t something that is currently on the political radar or that people have strong feelings about.  That’s something to look forward to, right?

At long last, there will be a surprise that’s good – not another COVID outbreak in the White House, not an expected Republican Senate loss (e.g., McSally in Arizona) actually losing, but a positive surprise.

It may relate to new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Maybe Coney Barrett doesn’t turn out to be the right-wing shill everyone expects.  Yes, she is a Scalia protégé.  Yes, she allowed herself to be nominated by a president whom she must despise, just out of her ambition to serve on the high court.  But that doesn’t mean she’s going to roll over to do the bidding of a madman.    She may actually be the good person she seems to be: mother of seven children, including a down-syndrome child and an adoptive child of another race.

The good surprise may relate to the upcoming Senate elections. Maybe a Republican who is a shoe-in is not shoed in.

And going a step further, there will be a surprise that everyone will be happy about, not just people on one side of the political divide.

A super-effective, cheap, plentiful vaccine, perhaps?  Some other scientific breakthrough that benefits everyone?  Who knows?  But be on the lookout for it!

Attorney General Bill Barr won’t cave.  That is, he won’t carry out any weird orders Trump gives him to punish his enemies during the interregnum.  There’s nothing in it for Barr. Who knows why he ever thought there was a good reason to actively protect Trump?  But Barr has determined that it no longer serves him to be Trump’s toady.   He’s still a rat, though.

^^ Just look at him ^^

The Supreme Court won’t be of any help to Trump if he challenges election results.  Trump assumes that with a conservative majority on the court, the justices will decide any case brought before them 6 – 3 in his favor. But the court first determines which cases it will take and it will decide not to take whatever silly case Trump trumps up.  His base will go crazy, but the Republicans in the House and Senate will be pretty quiet about it.  They’re tired of his shenanigans too.   They want him gone just as much, if not more, than the majority of voters do.

Trump’s base doesn’t rise up; instead it fades away pretty painlessly and quietly after Trump self-exiles to a country with good golfing and no extradition policy.   There will still be a few Trump truck parades, with those awful Trump flags being waved by his overweight, underdressed, weapon-carrying, maskless supporters.

But they will soon disappear, as these former fans become absorbed in the next TV reality show that allows them to buy new gear that is much more attractive than that awful MAGA stuff.

This new show will not star an aging, overweight white guy.  That genre is old hat.

Instead, it will involve lots of gorgeous bodies and illicit sex.  That never loses its appeal.

**Editor’s Question** What are your predictions/hopes/fears?


Bio: Linda LaScola is co-author, with Daniel C. Dennett, of Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind (2015) and “Preachers who are not Believers”(2010). They are also co-producers of a play in development, “Adam Mann – Not his Real Name” written by Marin Gazzaniga, that is based on their research.  Linda lives in Washington, D.C and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the Catholic University of America.  She is a co-founder of The Clergy Project and Editor of the Rational Doubt blog.

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