May 10, 2021

Editor’s Note: This post reminds me that we sure could use some additional, practical “commandments”.  Early on in my path to non-belief, I noticed that the first four commandments were all about who was in charge, e.g., “I am the Lord thy God”, “no other gods before me”, “No graven images”,  “Don’t take my name in vain”.  What a waste it seemed to be, as I wondered why I had never before noticed how egocentric these commandments were.  Leave it to an… Read more

May 6, 2021

Editor’s Note: Just yesterday, a liberal Jewish friend wondered how so many Republicans (with some notable exceptions in Congress, like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney) could blindly follow an obvious shyster like Trump. When I answered “because so many Trump supporters are fundamentalist Christians” she wanted more information.  Well, here it is, in this post and the attached video.  This is reposted with permission from the blog of a former fundamentalist pastor who knows this syndrome better than I. /Linda… Read more

May 3, 2021

Editor’s Note: I love that this post opens with a scene from Moonstruck, which was about a Silician-American family, sort of like mine, at least in the expressions they used and the off-handed way they talked to each other. It didn’t occur to me that use of this inside lingo could be similar to how skeptically some Christians really feel about their religion. Do people really believe some of this crazy stuff?  Maybe not, but maybe acting like they do… Read more

April 29, 2021

Editor’s Note:  This review makes me want to rush right out and buy this book, which I plan to do right after posting this review. While I did not suffer a “religious trauma” as this reviewer and so many Clergy Project members have, I’m also not as mellow as Chris Highland, the author of the book being reviewed.  Knowing his gentle, yet persuasive style from his nature writings, I’m eager to be lulled to a place, where, like the reviewer,… Read more

April 26, 2021

Editor’s Note:  Now, soon after the George Floyd murder trial in which former police officer Derik Chauvin was convicted on all three counts, is a good time to reflect on the national motto of the USA.  It’s even more meaningful, I think, when presented by a Canadian. I recall being taught in grade school that the British learned from their mistakes with the US when setting up the Government of Canada. Thus, they avoided another revolution. I like to think… Read more

April 22, 2021

Editor’s Note:  Now for a little levity – in two parts – relating a (now former) preacher’s experiences buying condoms. Frankly, this is something I never thought about – or heard about – when conducting interviews with clergy.  But it’s the kind of thing they have to deal with all the time. /Linda LaScola, Editor ==================== By David Mercer Part 1  For years I wrote an anonymous blog called Clergy Guy.  Here’s an entry from October 17, 2009 that some folks… Read more

April 19, 2021

Editor’s Note: A new discovery! Via the Bart Ehrman Blog, I found a young podcaster/blogger/Clergy Project member from England who communicates extensively about his experiences and thoughts on changing his beliefs.  Bart introduces him below and Sam Devis provides an excellent explanation of his background and his blog and podcasts.  I listened to his podcast with Ehrman and it was excellent!  I hope to be hearing more from Sam directly here on the Rational Doubt Blog.  /Linda LaScola, Editor ================================= Intro… Read more

April 15, 2021

By Linda LaScola, Editor This past Sunday, the NY Times featured an op-ed by Ross Douthat, one of their regular columnists who is known for being religious – specifically Roman Catholic. I always read his columns, because while I usually disagree with him, I appreciate his intelligence and marvel at what a single-minded, devout believer he is.   This week’s column was titled “Can the Meritocracy find God?” with the sub-title: “The secularization of America probably won’t reverse unless the intelligentsia… Read more

April 12, 2021

Editor’s Note: as soon as I read the Washington Post article about the hot water the new US  senator from Georgia got into with his Easter tweet about the resurrection, I thought about “Andy”. A UCC minister I interviewed in the non-believing clergy study, I remember well his lamentations about “raising Jesus from the grave” every Easter even though he had learned the metaphorical nature of that belief while in seminary. Now we have another, very high profile UCC pastor… Read more

April 8, 2021

Editor’s Note:  “Life of Brian” became one of my favorite films when I first watched it about 10 years ago.  Before that, I had avoided seeing any Monty Python films after seeing one in which human waste was being pushed over castle walls to ward off the enemy.   Funny in its own way, I guess, but nothing I ever wanted to see, not to mention to pay money for. I finally watched “Life of Brian” as an antidote for Easter,… Read more

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