June 16, 2014

Editor’s Note: In the second of three “student” posts, Catherine, a former Catholic chaplain student, discusses losing her faith during seminary and her concerns about Pope Francis’ criticism of seminary studies. By Catherine Dunphy It’s been nearly ten years since I graduated from seminary.  In that time I have done what I can to distance myself from the ecclesiastical and bureaucratic ideologies that marked that period in my life.  Though I am no longer a believer, you might be surprised… Read more

June 12, 2014

Editor’s Note: “Brian” is one of five religion students that I interviewed in the Dennett-LaScola study of non-believing clergy.  His religious career was brief to the extreme: He had an undergraduate degree in religion and was enrolled in Lutheran seminary, only to quit on the first day.  His experiences since then raising children with a culturally religious wife involve compromises that are probably made in many homes where parents have differing beliefs but respect for each other’s perspective. ========================== By… Read more

June 9, 2014

  Editor’s Note: “Chris,” the third and last in this series with clergy-founders of The Clergy Project, still maintains his anonymity although he’s been “out” for quite some time now.  In the following Q&A that Chris and I conducted via email, he discusses his disappointment with the freethought/atheist community, positive changes in friendships and family relationships and frustrations with the public’s misunderstanding of pastors’ work and education.  Like Adam, he offers advice for adapting to secular life.  It hasn’t been… Read more

June 5, 2014

“Adam Mann” has quietly left fundamentalist ministry and hopes that someday he can talk openly about his changed beliefs without repercussions to his family. Read more

June 2, 2014

Dan Barker explains: “I don’t think I was blind back when I was a devout and sincere preacher. I was simply looking at the world the wrong way, like peering backward through a telescope or microscope.” Read more

May 30, 2014

Humanist community leader Mike Aus says: “Some have referred to us as an ‘atheist church’ and imagine that we sit around bashing religion and talking about non-belief each week, but that is not what Houston Oasis is about at all. We are simply trying to explore life together from a completely secular perspective.” Read more

May 27, 2014

UCC pastor questions his honesty and finds comfort in knowing there is room for him to expand – just as the Universe is doing. Read more

May 25, 2014

Mark Rutledge, who recently posted here, is currently in England.  He emailed me today to tell me about his recent adventures: “Yesterday I went to an event at the Hay-on-Wye (Wales) Literary Festival that was attended by 2,000 people, which featured Richard Dawkins.  I prepared a question in case I was called on and, to my surprise, I was invited to stand and ask my question which was: “I am a Christian minister and I and many of my colleagues are perfectly… Read more

May 22, 2014

Editors Note: In the second of our series on liberal clergy, a former Episcopal priest reflects on her growing inability to think, teach and preach in the language of the church and her relief at finding a more natural way to communicate with the world. by Caroline Fairless On the wall of my office hangs a wooden mask, a bright red face with two birds on the top of his head, one looking forward, the other looking back. They are commonly… Read more

May 19, 2014

Post-supernaturalist, non-theist, humanist who seeks to follow the original (historical) Jesus asks: “What are the practical implications of doubt and non-belief for those of us serving as clergy?” and more – – – – Read more

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