The Dawkins Foundation, Call to Action

The Dawkins Foundation, Call to Action June 26, 2012

I first met former state senator, Sean Faircloth last October, at a private party on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, during the Texas Freethought Convention in Houston.  He and I had a long conversation over being immersed in a domineering religious society and the many ways that adversely affects our personal lives and family ties, especially in this state.  We hit it off very well.  Like so many people I’ve met in the secular movement, we became fast friends immediately.  When I saw him again most recently at a humanist conference in New Orleans, he emerged from the crowd in the lobby to greet me with a huge bro-hug.  We’ve probably only seen each other four or five times over the last year, but that’s the sort of camaraderie I find common in the secular movement.

Now I don’t have money or clout or communications networks like so many of the prominent people I’m lucky enough to associate with, but when Todd Stiefel, Matthew Chapman, or James Randi ask me to help out however I can, I’m happy to.  Sean is now the director of Strategy and Policy for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, and he asked if I could help get the news out on new efforts by the US branch of that foundation simply by promoting his video outlining these ideas.


You got it, man.  It’s the least I can do.  What are friends for?

Now slide over a couple Franklins.




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  • Larry

    You, Thunder and Criss – looks like they’ll give an FTB to anyone and their preacher these days. ;)

    Glad to see you on here man.

  • GBJames

    SCA could use someone like this in charge.

  • michael

    as a non american I really really hope more people get behind this, it really is a crucial piece in this game of chess

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