A new meaning for right-brained vs left brained

A new meaning for right-brained vs left brained October 10, 2012

I hardly have time to do or read anything anymore, so I haven’t read the associated study behind this article from Discover magazine, only the article itself.  Past experience has taught me to cautious of conclusions based only on that.  The interesting implication herein is that having more gray matter in the anterior cingulate cortex grants more tolerance of uncertainty, making one more likely to consider extenuating circumstances rather than permitting only simple dichotomies.  Having more grey matter in the amygdala instead implies more fear and loathing and a greater likelihood of being a paranoid disgusted fundamentalist.  So whether you’re a reasonable liberal or a conservative bigot isn’t determined by the size of your brain, but rather how bent out of shape it is.

As an amusing coincidence, associated articles indicate that college students question the conflict between religion and science, while Rush Limbaugh talks out of his ass in on how to use any weak excuse to justify your Dunning-Kruger level of overconfidence.

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