Muslim Demographics

Muslim Demographics June 8, 2013

When I got into anti-theist activism, it actually had a lot less to do with Christianity than with Islam. It doesn’t matter to me which cult is in charge; whichever has the most power weilds the greatest threat. It’s just that with Christianity generally diminishing both nationally and globally, I wasn’t that concerned with them. But bearing their decline in mind, remember that for the last quarter century at least, Islam has been billed as the fastest growing religion on earth. Conservative Americans don’t seem to realize how the demographic is changing over the rest of the world, and that it is going to change here too.

Christians certainly don’t what to do about this. Whoever posted this video offers a completely unrealistic solution:

“Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims.”

There is so much wrong with this. First of all, the poster is suggesting a form of eugenics, which Christians often criticize. It is also the least responsible strategy one can use with respect to the global environment, which Christians typically don’t care about either. The way to respond to exponentially increasing overpopulation is NOT by trying to have even more kids! Such a myopic plan also gives no consideration to children as having any individual value as people. The very idea is demeaning to their humanity.

Secondly the idea of sharing the gospel with Muslims simply will not work. (1) Islam is famously strict against apostasy, and Christians influence very few from their side in any case. (2) Muslim theology is much more efficient at gaining converts. That’s why they’re the fastest-growing religion, remember? More Christians turn Muslim than vice versa. (3) Christianity can’t even hang onto the people they already have. Religion is not the same thing as ‘race’. You can’t change your ancestors, but you can discard their traditions. Even if Christians did out-reproduce Muslims, statistics indicate that less than half of those kids would still be Christian by the time they grew up. A few might adopt some other religion; most of the rest will likely reject all religions, and that trend is rising.

Therein lies the answer. You can’t fight religion with religion. Everything Christians do trying to fuse church and state, all the power they give to their own faith, –will be used to pave the way for the next dominant dogma. Every time any religion has had power to enforce their own laws, the result has invariably been a violation of human rights. The only answer –and the founding fathers said this from the beginning- is a secular government with a “wall of separation” between church and state. Maintain that and you might keep mosque and state separate too.

One other hope comes from effective standardized education available to everyone. This is another thing to which American Christians are largely opposed. This is because the only religious perspective growing faster than Islam are those with no religious affiliation whatsoever. Somehow, even though (I think) a rational society without ignorant or bigoted doctrines would be ideal, that possibility scares theists so much they’d rather adopt foreign gods than consider my option.

Ignore for a moment the obviously sound national financial strategy behind having a competent and productive populace trained in fact-based knowledge as opposed to baseless belief with no practical application. All attempts to rid science from the lessons, to revise history, and corrupt other classes for the sake of promoting Christianity –will only serve to empower Muslims too. The very laws and customs enabling Christians to oppress others today will also give Islam power to oppress Christians tomorrow. You can’t have freedom *of* religion without freedom *from* religion, and that means keeping it out of government. So if Christians are really concerned about “Islamification”, then they ought to do the very opposite of everything they’re currently doing, and rally with the atheists to stay secular.

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