The sudden suspicious silence of answersingenesis

The sudden suspicious silence of answersingenesis July 27, 2013

To recap: My wife Lilandra found out that Ken Ham will be lying to the Texas Home-school Coalition on August 1st thru 3rd. She being a former creationist and now a science teacher, expressed her concerns about that. Ham heads answersingenesis, a disingenuous pseudoscience propaganda site that is listed as one of the top ten worst anti-science websites. It is a multimillion-dollar anti-science propaganda mill built entirely on distorted data, factless frauds, and deliberate deception. Obviously it is nothing short of shameful that any collective of concerned parents should be foolish enough to seek his guidance with respect to educating their children. Ham thought he could bully Lilandra, so he called her out for her comments, made fun of her on his blog, and tried to use her criticisms against him to rally gullibelievers into supporting his cause.

Houston Atheists responded by challenging Ham to debate myself while he is in their city. Ham initially accepted that challenge -at least in part.


Now, we’re not saying no to a debate with the Houston Atheists Association. In fact we want one of our PhD scientists on staff to debate a PhD scientist chosen by the Houston Atheists Association. This would encourage a more fruitful exchange on the merits of creation vs. evolution, the age of the universe, etc.

So good, they’ve accepted the challenge, provided Houston atheists can find a professional scientist with a doctorate to debate our side.  Prof P.Z. Myers PhD generously accepted their condition and added a proviso of his own, that I remain in the debate as his partner. However despite the fact that AiG has already clearly accepted our challenge, once PZ stepped up, answersingenesis has have fallen conspicuously silent. They continued to berate Lilandra -even on videos where our challenge was repeated, but otherwise they have cut off all communication and will not even acknowledge having initially accepted our challenge. it seems that they’re afraid of PZ, and they’re obviously afraid of me too. I wonder why?

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