It’s projecting again!

It’s projecting again! August 1, 2013

Houston creationist, David Shormann likes to be the villain but play the victim at the same time. In his blog, he proves he is a primate by flinging poo even when it will not stick. When he failed to convince anyone that I was a potentially violent anti-semitic neo-nazi, he decided to call me a racist clansman next. That’s ironic because the KKK is a Christian organization which is in no way similar to anything I ever said, did, believed, or thought about.

But then Shormann is one of those “I’m rubber, you’re glue” people who likes to break the 9th commandment without accountability or shame. So he projects all his own faults onto those who will not share them. For example, he accused me and the organizers of ‘Answers in Science‘ of being ‘bullies’ -even though we’ve never bullied anyone.  Shormann however continues to encourage his readers to bombard the Houston Museum of Natural Science with phone calls and ‘firm’ demands that they cancel our reservation this weekend. That is bullying, and he’s the one who is doing it!

He accuses me of religious intolerance -even though I insisted on inviting Ken Miller (a Catholic) to represent our side. Sadly he wasn’t available. I also invited my friend, Ryan Valentine (another Christian) from the Texas Freedom Network to speak for us as well.  He wasn’t available either, but we got the president of the TFN, Kathy Miller, and I’m happy to have her.

One thing that Shormann is justifiably upset about is the slogan on my blog, “Science doesn’t know everything; religion doesn’t know anything”. The reason that should upset him is that it’s true. I can show that everything I believe is evidently true; Shormann can’t show that anything he believes has any truth to it at all, and there’s the rub. Because what that means is, while he may have a right to believe whatever he wants, he doesn’t have the right to teach his beliefs as fact -because they’re not.  The truth is what the facts are, and when we’re talking about education, if it’s not factual, it’s not correct. That means that what Shormann is trying to is wrong.

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  • Thanks again, Aron!

    For anyone interested (or just bored/masochistic), they can find a great deal of projection here –

    • Entrak Entshuldiga

      Thanks.. Now I have to find something to bash my head against… softly..

  • These people don’t come up with any better arguments, do they?

    It’s all projection and bizarre appeals to authority– “Francis Bacon was a creationist. Checkmate, atheists!”

    The only newish one they seem to have dredged out is the presuppositionalist nonsense.

    It’s not even an argument.

    It’s the Beavis and Butthead level of apologetics.

    • colnago80

      Charles Darwin was a creationist when he stepped on board the Beagle.

      • So?

        When I was in the seventh grade I thought I was a libertarian. Then I took history classes.

  • Monocle Smile

    Let’s see how long my comment lasts on that blog. Shormann is the lowest of the low.

  • Monocle Smile

    Comments thread is amusing, and it’s good to see someone there fighting the good fight, but of course my comment didn’t make it through moderation. Probably because I called out the hypocrisy of Shormann berating Aron for being “quite the capitalist” as if he makes bundles of money off the FTB ads (what a joke) while he himself runs a website peddling creationist bullshit.

  • theignored

    That cartoon is the image I get when I read this guy’s writings.

  • Witty

    I’ll be taking some time to call the HMNS and commend them for their commitment to science education. We are members (even when money is tight) because we value science education and curiousity for our children and we are deeply appreciative of having such a wonderful museum in Houston. I hope they know that their paying members (I seriously doubt any Ken Ham followers step foot inside) are happy to have you there.

  • theignored

    I noted that one of my posts didn’t make it onto his blog. I wonder why?

  • Dennis, you know who gets to decide which word is more offensive? Smug lefties like Jenna, that’s who. Everything has to go through their prism. Old stuffy white guys like you, well your opinion doesn’t mean squat to them.

    • Monocle Smile

      Uh…what the ACTUAL fuck?

  • left0ver1under

    For example, he accused me and the organizers of ‘Answers in Science‘ of being ‘bullies’ -even though we’ve never bullied anyone.

    What you are is the kid who stood up to the bully.

    And like all bullies, Shorman and others are cowards who only get their way because they intimidated everyone else. When someone stands up to a bully, the bully can’t handle it except to pretend to be the victim.

  • Paul Timothy

    What’s the harm of little blaspheming idi*ts?

  • Monocle Smile

    Aron, you threw “Dr” Shormann on the ground at the demonstration.

    Will there be a betting pool on how long it takes Shormann to pussy out of the debate?

  • Jim Christensen

    But Aaron, I get the impressions that you believe all existence, life, mind, and reason itself are explainable as the product of mindless forces.

    But I also know that you can’t show this is evidentially true.

    Thus, your statement is false.

    • Monocle Smile

      But Jim, you’re wrong about everything, and you don’t know that Aron (spell his name right, dick) actually makes this claim.

      • Jim Christensen

        I said I get the impression that is what he believes.

        If he doesn’t, all he needs to say is do so, and I stand corrected.

        (But he hasn’t, cock.)

        • Monocle Smile

          So Aron has to take the time to address your comprehension difficulties? Why? And why did you first say “I get the impression” and then claim that Aron made this STATEMENT?

          I also doubt you’d actually back off. You won’t post like you did if it was that simple. You’d just find something else to bitch about.