My frustration with Bill Naive

My frustration with Bill Naive January 8, 2014

Sadly I will not be going to Kentucky in February.  I’m very disappointed that I won’t be going to the creation museum to support Bill Nye in his debate against one of this country’s leading snake oil salesman.  I would have gone, but tickets were mysteriously suspiciously unavailable to atheists.  A half-dozen of us were already on the ticket site the moment they went on sale.  Some of these guys posted to my facebook about what was happening at that moment.  They all tried to add tickets to the cart but got an error message as the site crashed.  It quickly came back online announcing that all 900 seats had sold out instantaneously simultaneously, and somehow none of the interested atheist groups got even one of those tickets -according to all the reports I’ve heard so far.  So we’re not going after all.

I had been invited to speak to the Louisville Atheists the night before the debate.  Obviously that has to be cancelled too.  I had also intended to meet an old friend while on my way through Nashville, so I have a few reasons to be disappointed.

Now here’s my frustration with Bill Nye.  I seriously doubt he has any idea of the sort of con-men and charlatans he’s dealing with.  Otherwise he would not have booked his debate to take place inside the creation museum where the opposition controls absolutely everything, and will throw people out just for wearing atheist tee shirts.

It’s not just that no atheists are getting in.  It’s that there won’t be any publicly accessible unedited video either.  You can buy the DVD, but only after it has been sanitized and edited the way answersingenesis wants it.  So what is the point of even doing it?  It should have been in a neutral venue where AiG wouldn’t be able to restrict who gets tickets, where they wouldn’t have brought in $22,500.00 just off ticket sales in addition to a $5.00 charge per person to watch the live stream, and then additional cash off the sale of DVDs.

Thanks Bill.  The creation museum was in financial trouble, and you’ve just given them tens of thousands of dollars.  That’s not really a victory for science education, now is it?  For those of us who have been recorded and colorfully edited by these people, the worst is yet to come, I’m sorry to say.

When I was asked to debate Ray Comfort on the radio, my only condition was that he not be able to make any money off of me. There is a reason to debate these people, but if you’re going to contribute to thier cash-flow, then that defeats the purpose. That’s all they care about.  They’re certainly not interested in truth.  Money is what creates these people in the first place.  So we don’t ever want them to make a dime off of us, and we don’t want them to have exclusive control of anything.

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