Westboro in my neighborhood

Westboro in my neighborhood April 6, 2014

I normally sleep in as late as I want on a Sunday, especially when it’s cold and raining.  But today I went to a church conference.  South Garland Baptist Church was going to confront Westboro Baptist Church, and I wanted to be there.The Westboro troup showed up, but they weren’t very interesting, and I couldn’t get any good video.

WBC was supposed to picket First Baptist Church too, and that one was a lot busier. There were quite a few atheists there carrying their own placards, and there were some reporters there too. But WBC didn’t show to that one.

That was another missed opportunity for me.  I’ve heard it said that Westboro Baptist Church are the only Christian denomination who interprets scripture as literally as we atheists do. So I wanted to know how the WBC interprets Exodus 22:29 & 34:19.  I mean, God clarifies what he means in Numbers 3:13, and I think I’m reading it right, but I don’t think any Christian group, not even WBC would admit that one of God’s ten commandments requires that we perform human sacrifice, slaughtering our first-born children in God’s name.  I’m kicking myself that I didn’t ask about that when I had the chance.

"I start with the brothers question, then expand on it."

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To the Indiana State Senate
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To the Indiana State Senate

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  • ChristineRose

    They wouldn’t have talked to you except to tell you to fall over and repent, but the “correct” answer is that you’re supposed to “redeem” the kid in some of these passages and the Bible can’t contract itself, so the author must have assumed you knew about the loophole.

    That, and Christians don’t have to follow that particular passage because of the sacrifice of Jesus.

    I can’t believe I know all this stuff, but I do.

  • joeschoeler

    Yeah, I think you’re supposed to redeem by either giving money to a priest, or killing some other animal in their place.

  • lesliegriffiths

    According to William Lane Craig, killing children is ok because “They are in receipt of an infinite grace”. Which I assume is “Sophisticated Theology” ™ for “they go directly to heaven”.

    Which has always left me puzzled as to why Christians don’t always commit infanticide – after all, this way you GUARANTEE your child’s place in the lap of Jesus – why risk them becoming evil doers of sin and being condemned to everlasting torment?

    True, you yourself would be condemned; but what wouldn’t a parent do for a child?

    p.s. – don’t ever engage WLC as a childminder.

    • freethinkinfranklin

      You ask/state : “Which has always left me puzzled as to why Christians don’t always commit infanticide – after all, this way you GUARANTEE your child’s place in the lap of Jesus”

      The answer is because they really do not whole heartily believe the party line. Its the same reason they don’t dance a waltz on the battle field, they claim god is on their side while killing in battle , yet they still hide from the whizzing bullets… Why? If gods on your side and protecting you what do they have to worry about, unless they really have no faith in the superstitions they will upon their children and everybody else.

      • lesliegriffiths

        Of course, but WLC has publicly stated that the Israelites killing of children of competing tribes WAS justified. Following that logic, WLC should be happy for me to kill his children.

        If he actually believed what he says, then he would surely make no effort to protect his children from death. Why would he, them being killed when young would be the very best thing that could happen to them!

        • freethinkinfranklin

          point being the fact is they do not believe the garbage they spew. its always been ok with them (theists) and their god(s) to kill others, to kill those who do not subscribe to the same myths as they do, its also been ok with them to kill the children of those that do not pray the same way they do…. and they still to this day, they actually celebrate these killings with fervor…. think about what passover is all about…. and these people claim the higher ground morally? poppycock !!

          • Greetings,

            They would probably reply that commiting infanticide would break the earlier commandment to go forth and multiply.

            Kindest regards,


          • freethinkinfranklin

            @Dragan Glas

            Do you mean “go forth and multiply more that think just like us and kill the off spring of those that do not”? Because this is exactly what passover is about…. And where do their other “commandments ” rank, seeing how the one about not killing has an asterisk next to it….

  • freethinkinfranklin

    Brother Ra, I thought you and your readers as well as your family might get a little heart warmin and goose bumpin from these 2 short videos… one is from OK the other Cali…. enjoy and keep up the good work….