Both Parties are the Same! #1 FLPCB HHSC 15-03 , also known as Conscience Protection for Private Child-Placing Agencies

Both Parties are the Same! #1 FLPCB HHSC 15-03 , also known as Conscience Protection for Private Child-Placing Agencies April 10, 2015

Voter turnout during the US midterm elections was pathetic. There was a definite lack of critical thinking and due diligence evidenced by opposing Republicans, Libertarians, and apathetic liberals in the “Freethought” movement, who repeated the soul sucking canards “Both Parties are the Same” and “It’s a Broken System” during the mid term elections. Aron and I tried to encourage people to vote, but were met with an onslaught of sanctimonious people acting as if not voting was more conscientious a choice than voting.

These same people can’t really be surprised by the slew of theocratic state legislation by the Republican majority state legislatures and state governors given a majority during midterms. This is a party that 57 percent of whom think that Christianity should be the national religion. Indiana is one state among many responding to legalization of gay marriage in many states by passing “religious freedom” bills modeled on the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision. Which neatly answers the question, “What about the Constitution?” to those privileged enough not to have theocratic overreach affect you on a very personal level, or obtuse enough to not realize in many states they already live in a theocracy. My question to you is ,”Who decides what is constitutional?” Also, don’t abdicate your civic duty to a piece of parchment.

It may be that Aron and I are already intimately aware of what the Republican party has become living in Texas. And to the misguided folks citing the party of Lincoln, I didn’t know Lincoln, but that party is no party of Lincoln and hasn’t been since Ronald Reagan over 30 years ago.  As already noted it is dominated by a more aggressive and Christian voter base that is better organized and better funded than the Christians that saw teacher led prayer removed in the 1963 Abington School District v Shempp decision.

No party this far off base has ever been reasoned with. It has taken the Supreme Court to check theocratic laws, civil rights violations, etc. The party of Lincoln changed to what it is today for 2 reasons: votes and money. So if you are a Republican left out in the cold, the winds will not shift as long as there is an unopposed evangelical voting base that is fortunately for them well funded. No hand-wringing and pleading alluding to the rise of secular voters is going to change that until appealing to Christians isn’t the path to overwhelming success like gangbusters. The forecast for that looking at the conditions of the party now is 0 percent. There won’t be a change until and not before Christian votes and money dry up.

How do I know that? I have testified in front of the majority Republican Texas School Board. Witnessed for myself the teflon smiles that hide pointy sharp teeth. The eyes that glaze over as you give then a damn good reason to not miseducate Texas schoolchildren that Moses had a profound impact on the US form of government. I have spit into the wind and basically gotten the M’kay! Bye Now! They couldn’t lavish enough praise on the other evangelical testifiers. Don’t believe me? Here is the video. I had to explain to one of the more notorious boardmembers that bias is indeed an error. Did both parties vote the same? No. All Democrats voted against the white-washed biased theocratic textbooks that one tenth of the country’s schoolchildren are stuck with for the next ten years!

Before anyone can say move from the South, and basically forget millions of historically illiterate schoolchildren -Two Words for you: Ted Cruz! He is now in charge of Congress’s Science Committee, because people handed a majority Republican Congress to him because they were afraid of Ebola and ISIS and also averse to voting. Our only hope for sane climate change laws in the hands of Ted Cruz, climate change denialist! Can you say “Doomed” children? I knew you could.

Before I address too much and this gets too wordy this is what I have decided to do. I will post a series of reasons why “Both Parties are not the Same” and not voting won’t fix “The Broken System” until the 2016 Presidential elections. So if your real tired of politics, take an energy drink or whatever it takes to stop making excuses and do something before it is too late.

In fact, here is a mini-reason it is already too late for Florida, where state employees understand they are not to use the word “climate change”, CLIMATE CHANGE! is already a reality for Miami is already having problems with rising sea levels. A proud moment for wait for it…Republican Governor, Rick Scott, who swears they have conversations about it, but never really gets around to what it is! Yeah! Florida keep electing those Republican governors, who promise you that gays won’t be allowed to marry. It neither picks your pocket or damages your fresh drinking water like just 9 more inches of sea level rise will, but if that is what is important to you!

Nathaniel Gill attempting to reason with modern day Pharisees, who swallow a camel a strain out a gnat. Matthew 23:24
Nathaniel Gill attempting to reason with modern day Pharisees, who swallow a camel and strain out a gnat. Matthew 23:24

But here it is, a very good reason to not vote Republican for the foreseeable future, and coincidentally it is from Florida. I dare you to watch this video all the way through as a boy tries to reason with the Republican State legislature, and still tell me -Both parties are the same!

As 10-year-old Nathaniel Gill spoke passionately in defense of gay adoption in front of a committee hearing in the Florida statehouse, he was gleefully cut off by the Republican chairman.

Even though Florida state Rep. Charles McBurney had the power to grant him extra time to speak, he disrespectfully shut down Nathaniel Gill’s testimony with a smile.

Gill was in the middle of telling the committee why they should not pass an anti-gay bill that would ban same-sex couples from adopting children. Dubbed the “revenge” bill, the conservative-backed legislation would make it legal for adoption agencies that receive stat (sic) funding to discriminate against same-sex couples and deny them the opportunity to adopt kids who need a home.

If you watch this child try to explain how his brother, who had to beg at 4 years old to feed him as a baby, was separated from him because state authorities didn’t believe the boys should be adopted by a gay couple that was caring for them, and still think taxes are your deciding issue or you can do nothing -you are heartless. And need I remind you the Democratic Party is center right anyways and a tax increase that will affect most top wage earners significantly is unlikely.

I can’t resist this one parting thought, though probably I should. If you needed proof that all Christians can do to LGBT in this country “legally”(being charitable) is not bake you a cake -there it is.


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