NoDAPL on the Secular Nation podcast

NoDAPL on the Secular Nation podcast December 12, 2016

This is the second episode of the incarnation of Secular Nation, the official podcast of the Atheist Alliance of America, and the third episode aired since I was elected president of that organization. Here activists who went to Standing Rock talk about how financial institutions and industrial corporations have risen above the government, sometimes acting as or even identifying as government agencies. This is corporate oligarchy, where industries ignore all restrictions and invent their own propaganda, so that we see what America will do to Americans for the sake of profit.

Episode 2: Dakota

"As I stated in my last comment, little late to the party. Now the question ..."

Correcting Hovindophiles
"I am a little late to the party, regardless I would just like to say ..."

Correcting Hovindophiles
"I keep him around for entertainment value."

Scorpio Rising
"See Noevo is a troll. Block him. Don't waste your time."

Scorpio Rising

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