We’re in California on Sept 23rd – 24th

We’re in California on Sept 23rd – 24th September 22, 2017

Just a heads up where we’ll be this weekend.

My wife, Lilandra Ra will be speaking to Riverside Atheists and Free Thinkers in Riverside California on Saturday Sept 23rd. Coincidentally that’s the same day that the world is supposed to end again, according to yet another dubious prophesy. Hopefully someone out there will have a big party, like atheists do every time a Christian end-times prophesy fails.

I will be speaking to Atheists United on Sunday Sept 24th, at the Griffith Park Visitors Center in Los Angeles. Folksinger Shelley Segal will be there too!

Then I’m headed over to Orange County for another meeting of Backyard Skeptics on Sunday evening.


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