Secular Community Fundraiser for Orphans of the Smith Tragedy

Secular Community Fundraiser for Orphans of the Smith Tragedy November 29, 2017

Tomorrow night at 7:30 CST the (watch here:)Ra-Men Podcast will have guests on promoting the fundraiser for the three Smith children.  You can contribute here and the podcast will also donate its Patreon proceeds for the video  to the cause.

Some background from the fundraising page from their uncle, Grant Brady:

As many of you know, the Smith Girls have tragically lost both of their parents. We are all completely heartbroken, but overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of love and support we’ve seen.

Our focus is on doing everything we can to support the three amazing girls that are left without their parents following this horrific tragedy. These three girls are absolutely incredible individuals and are showing incredible strength in dealing with this. We are asking for help to ensure that these girls have some funds available for college, and future expenses.

The first hour will feature San Antonio secular activists, who knew the family including:

  • Vicki Gettman of  President, South Texas Atheists for Reason, Joint Base San Antonio Military Atheists and Secular Humanists, and Texas Director of American Atheists.
  • Fil Session of Vice-President at Atheist Community of Austin, Coordinator at Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless and Co-Host / Producer at The Atheist Experience.

The second hour will feature community activists, who can share secular coping resources.

  • Rebecca Hensler: Founder of Grief Beyond Belief
  • Shanon Nebo: Treasurer of Recovering From Religion and owner of Be Secular
  • Jerry Dewitt of the Hope After Faith Podcast and Co-Founder of Recovering from Religion.
  • Rhonda Dorle: Recovering from Religion Support Group Facilitator and Vice President of Camp Quest Oklahoma.

The podcast will be live, so people can ask questions in the YouTube chat.




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