525355_10151506695906897_714814669_nAron Ra is a secular activist advocating reason in education.  He serves as Texas State Director of American Atheists, and hosts the Ra-Men podcast with Dan Arel and Mark Nebo of BeSecular.

Aron is also heading the Phylogeny Explorer Project, an effort to render the entire evolutionary tree of life as a navigable online encyclopedia. He is best known for his video series exposing the Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism.

11350826_883971448345137_8758533324155454287_nAron’s wife Lilandra is a science teacher and a curriculum specialist with the Next Generation [National] Science Standards; together they produce a series of classroom supplements called Living Science Videos, teaching biology at the middle school and high school level.  These are being used both by secular homeschoolers and in public school classrooms -at the teacher’s discretion.

Blog Netiquette

Aron and I have been debating on the internet for years.  The best discussions even on Christian sites have been moderated.  In fact as a former Christian I changed my mind about evolution on a Christian site with Aron’s help.  The quality of the discussion is important. This is not YouTube.  Bad comments are not going to slip off the page within hours as new comments replace it. Legitimate disagreement and criticism are welcome provided they discuss the topic of the original post and engage in a dialogue not a monologue.  The following types of comments are widely recognized on the net, and degrade the quality of the discussion…

1. Bigotry including slurs.

2. Derailing the topic of discussion with repeated off topic comments or responding without even intending to read the original post.

3. Ad hominems (especially abusive) intended to antagonize another person rather than address their argument.

4. Flaming -there are better places than a discussion on this blog to vent aggression.

5. Sockpuppet accounts.

6. Threatening or Harassing another person.

7. Arguing in bad faith

Most comments that degrade the quality of the discussion will receive a warning from Aron or Lilandra. The commenter has one post to respond to the warning if necessary.  If the warning is ignored and the commenter continues the behavior, they may be blocked.  Certain extreme behaviors will not be tolerated and the commenter may be immediately blocked without a warning.