If you’d like an interview, the best way to reach me is AronRa at gmail.

2017/05/13 – Exclusive Interview with Aron Ra – Public Speaker, Atheist Vlogger, and Activist

2017/05/05 – Texas Observer ‘Academic Freedom’ Bill Provides Cover to Teach Creationism, Climate Denial in Classrooms

2017/04/23 – appearance on Road to Reason TV show

2017/04/18 The Texas Tribune Texas education board nears compromise on evolution standards

2016/9/21 Vice Latin Is Still The Best Language for Fighting Satan

2016/07/11 CentreDaily Noah’s ark of biblical proportions opens in Kentucky

2016/07/09 ChicagoNow Ark Encounter supporters believe that dead people wrote 350 flood myths

2016/07/07  Lexington Herald-Leader Protesters decry tax breaks for Ark park that hires only Christians

2016/07/07  RawStory WATCH: Creationist debates an atheist on evolution outside Ark museum — and gets utterly humiliated

2016/07/06 Aussie Noah’s ark is ready to set sail … T-rex included

2016/01/13 The Daily Pioneer FPI’s Ramchandra honoured at AP atheist meet

2016/01/07 The Hindu Need to educate y0uth on rationalism

2015/12/31 The Hans India 9th World Atheist Meet on Jan 6, 7

2015/10/09 AllChristianNews Pro-Abort!onists Blast Loud Atheist Message To Drown Out Anti-Abort!onists Outside Clinic

2015/10/06 AddictingInfo Anti-Abortion Fanatics Whine After Clinic Brilliantly Disrupts Their Effort To Badger Women

2015/10/05 Raw Story Abortion clinic drowns out protesting Christians with ‘We are apes’ recording — and it’s awesome

2015/07/31  St Louis Today  Atheists hold three-day conference on Washington University campus

2015/04/26 – Matt Dillahunty and I on Godless Spellchecker in Manchester England

2015/04/22  Plymouth Herald  A taste of Texas Atheism – Texas State Director of American Atheists comes to Plymouth

2015/04/22 – ​Guest spot on The Last Word Today FM in Dublin Ireland

2015/03/03  Community Scoop  Texas Heathens Invade New Zealand

​2014/12/19 – 2nd session with Unbelievers Radio, this time online

2014/12/16 – Interview with Anton Hill on the Atheist Edited Show

2014/12/15 – My ‘debate’ with Scott Sloan on 700WLW Cincinnati  OH

2014/11/22 – Freethought Radio with Mythicist Milwaukee on KRAFtKASt

2014/11/21 – Sitting in-studio on Unbelievers Radio in Phoenix AZ

2014/10/05 – guest evolution lecture on Atheist Analysis

2014/08/03 – 2nd appearance on the The Place with the New Covenant Group

2014/07/30 – Inspiring Doubt with the New Covenant Group

2014/07/13 – 4th appearance on the Atheist Experience TV show ep #875

2014/05/04 – The Alan Eisenberg Show AM 1400 ABC News Talk WRJN

2014/03/22  Amarillo local news  Atheist trio’s tour includes WT stop

2014/03/02 – Sunday Morning with Dr. Jones on The Place

2014/02/11  Salon  20 amazing quotes from atheists that prove religion isn’t necessary for a meaningful life

2013/11/16 – The Blind Faith Virus Vaccine TV Show, parts one & two

2013/09/24  Raw Story  Disproving evolution won’t save creationism, atheist activist says

2013/08/26 – Guest appearance on Meeting of the Minds

2013/01/03  Dallas Observer  Texas Atheist Aron Ra Is Deeply Irritated by Houston Rep’s “Merry Christmas” Bill

2012/12/06  Dallas Observer  The Rise of the Texas Atheist

2012/09/17 – My debate with Ray Comfort on Radio-Paul.

2012/07/02 – 3rd appearance on the Non-Prophets

2012/02/01 – 2nd interview on The Thinking Atheist podcast

2011//11/11 – My live and written debate with Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church.

2011/06/16 – Interview on Camelot Radio

2011/06/03 – Discussion panel at the World Atheist Convention in Dublin, Ireland

2011/04/13 – 3rd appearance on the Atheist Experience, ep #703

2011/03/16 – Special appearance on the Non-Prophets radio show.

2010/08/01 – 2nd appearance on the Atheist Experience, ep #668

2010/06/31 – Interview on 1st podcast of The Thinking Atheist

2010/03/31 – Participation on the Non-Prophets radio show

2010/03/14 – 1st appearance on the Atheist Experience TV show, ep #648

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