November 18, 2017

For the last three elections in my senate district, Democrats have had no candidates. There has only been a Republican running uncontested. Well, there was a Libertarian once, but they’re like Republican-lite, and he only got about 10% of the vote. So following Bernie’s advice, I decided to run just so it wouldn’t be like that again this time. But it’s not like that this time. Although I’ve never identified as a Democrat, I decided to run as one, because… Read more

November 14, 2017

The Atlantic featured a vignette of a prominent Alt-Right Atheist Troll. Rather than being good without god; it seems some atheists reject religion and gravitate to hateful ideologies. My husband Aron Ra and others helped to build an atheist community. However, it seems that community can also be a  convenient audience for deceptive Anti-PC rhetoric and faux intellectual debates to mask hateful ideologies. Those that move away from hateful, fundamentalist ideologies and embrace an equally virulent ideology are not something that the… Read more

October 9, 2017

Someone recently asked me what criteria I would consider to objectively evaluate Trump as a good president. This is my answer. What is a good president? One who seeks diplomatic solutions instead of immediately and repeatedly threatening nuclear war. Should I stop there or keep going? Let’s add that it should be someone who knows the value of thoughtful evaluation and discretion rather than blasting every thoughtless misspelled idiotic outburst around the world on Twitter. Someone who doesn’t lie so… Read more

October 8, 2017

On Monday October 16th, I’ll be in Raleigh North Carolina talking to Triangle Free Thinkers about Why We Wanted to Believe. On Saturday, October 28th, I’ll be in Fresno California, talking to Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics about Promoting Rationality in a World of Alternative Facts. I’ll also be at the Speakers’ breakfast the next morning. Read more

September 22, 2017

Just a heads up where we’ll be this weekend. My wife, Lilandra Ra will be speaking to Riverside Atheists and Free Thinkers in Riverside California on Saturday Sept 23rd. Coincidentally that’s the same day that the world is supposed to end again, according to yet another dubious prophesy. Hopefully someone out there will have a big party, like atheists do every time a Christian end-times prophesy fails. I will be speaking to Atheists United on Sunday Sept 24th, at the Griffith… Read more

September 3, 2017

Brett Keane is one of those people who says he was once an atheist but has since embraced religion. I’ve met a few such people, though none of them have ever been able to provide any reason why they (or I) should believe there’s a god. Keane says that he and I had spoken back when he was a non-believer. I don’t remember ever speaking to him, but he says he has it on video. I’ve been an activist for twenty… Read more

September 1, 2017

When I spoke at the Freethought Alliance Symposium in Fullerton, California a couple weeks ago, there was some misguided superstitious believer there handing out home-made pseudoscience pamphlets. The poor guy, (let’s just call him Billy) was citing deceitful propaganda mills like and the convicted fraud known as “DrDino”, as well as his own website, I am sure he doesn’t care that there are plenty of fish that do walk, or that the fossil record shows many more that… Read more

August 30, 2017

Seriously, what are Aron Ra’s chances for being elected as an open atheist in Texas? Anecdotally, we encountered these signs on our way back from Austin to interview former Democratic Texas State Senator,  ex-gubernatorial candidate, and role model -Wendy Davis. One of the more vocal constituents of Manheim, TX proudly displayed this on their property: A closer view: Is the point that atheists and homosexuals may have sex in ways that aren’t Biblically approved? So do you have to just have sex in… Read more

August 4, 2017

In my previous post, I listed just a few of the many authoritative/definitive secular and sectarian sources explaining that faith is “a firm belief that is not based on evidence”. That’s what the consensus of dictionaries, sermons, hymns of pastors past and present, every single former theological scholar to have since discarded faith and all the supposedly sacred scriptures of any religion say that faith is. This raised the ire of a few wanna-believers desperate to pretend that their position… Read more

August 2, 2017

This last weekend, I participated in the Gateway to Reason conference in St Louis, Missouri. One of the speakers there was John Loftus. He’s an author of religious philosophy with a bachelor’s degree from Great Lakes Christian College, a Master of Divinity degree from Lincoln Christian University, and a Masters of Theology degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Now to me, all of that is equivalent to having advanced degrees in Aesop’s fables. But at least we know that he should have… Read more

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