May 27, 2018

When trying to reason with Biblical literalists, they’ll say their Bible is historically accurate even though the best they can show is that only some of the people and places mentioned in those fables were real; which of course they would be since fictional stories are usually set in real places and often mention famous people of that time. But there is absolutely no historical or archaeological evidence that the stories are true, and Bible scholars often admit that they’re… Read more

May 13, 2018

Some religious propagandists like to pretend that they are just and good and righteous and that anyone who believes differently is somehow inherently evil, especially if we don’t have any faith-based beliefs at all. As if none of us have ever done anything good, which of course means they have to ignore all the good that so many of us actually do, and instead exaggerate the bad as much as possible, even if they have to lie to do that…. Read more

May 2, 2018

YouTube’s changes in policy caused a few of my older videos to be demonetized as “not suitable for all advertisers”. Among them, this video below correcting the pervasive lies that Darwin was a racist eugenicist and that Hitler was an atheist Darwinist. Of course the reverse is true, but believers don’t want to know that, and I’m being commercially penalized for it. I requested a review. The response I got, and have gotten a few times now, is that even… Read more

March 23, 2018

My videos are often preceded by religious ads, which is both annoying and amusing especially since the video sometimes rebuts the ad that just played before it. I noticed an example of that last night when this ad appeared in front of one my videos presenting evidence of evolution. The “Missing Universe Museum” (whatever that’s supposed to be) is trying to raise money to make a (what they fantasize will be) a “major motion picture” attempting to disprove evolution. However… Read more

March 15, 2018

My recent confrontation with Kent Hovind, seems to have disturbed an ant hill of his sycophants; most are too immature and cognitively incapable to even attempt to reason with. The following (in italics) is by far the most intelligent comment I’ve yet seen from Hovind’s lot, if that tells you anything. Someone went through the trouble to type out a Docx file that I found in my inbox this morning. Everything in bold here was also underlined. Rather than email back, I think… Read more

February 9, 2018

So Elon Musk built a magnificent phallic symbol, bigger than the Saturn V and used it to launch a red convertible sports car into deep space while playing David Bowie, just to show off what he can do. At the same time, a reality-denying flat-earther with a homemade strap-on fireworks display that is actually smaller than my car just couldn’t schwing his pocket rocket into action. I don’t know what the excuse was. He can’t say this never happened before,… Read more

February 8, 2018

Clovis Star, a couple months ago, someone referred me to one of your videos and asked me to comment on it. Presentation by BW Cartman to Disprove Evolution (Dec 5th 2017) Therein you presented yourself as a creationist objecting to evolution. So in an attempt to reason with you, I posted the following questions in the comments. If evolution is true, what observation, discovery, or experiment could reveal that? If evolution is not true, what observation, discovery, or experiment do… Read more

December 22, 2017

On December 19th, I took an invitation from some McKinney Texas residents to speak at their next school district meeting. One of their children was bothered about all the religious symbols in her classroom, and wanted her parents to do something about that. The parents were already concerned that their school district held meetings in a mega-church and that their Superintendent illegally led those meetings in prayer. Parents in this district had complained about this for months in some cases… Read more

November 29, 2017

Tomorrow night at 7:30 CST the (watch here:)Ra-Men Podcast will have guests on promoting the fundraiser for the three Smith children.  You can contribute here and the podcast will also donate its Patreon proceeds for the video  to the cause. Some background from the fundraising page from their uncle, Grant Brady: As many of you know, the Smith Girls have tragically lost both of their parents. We are all completely heartbroken, but overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of love and support… Read more

November 18, 2017

For the last three elections in my senate district, Democrats have had no candidates. There has only been a Republican running uncontested. Well, there was a Libertarian once, but they’re like Republican-lite, and he only got about 10% of the vote. So following Bernie’s advice, I decided to run just so it wouldn’t be like that again this time. But it’s not like that this time. Although I’ve never identified as a Democrat, I decided to run as one, because… Read more

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