Ella Has Wheels!

Ella Has Wheels! May 13, 2015

A fast bit of background for those who just got here – Ella’s been waiting on delivery of her new wheelchair as patiently as is possible for a very excited 10-year-old. On Monday, her favorite professional WCMX skater surprised her with it and then stayed at our house for the next two days to just hang out.

I sent Ella to her BFF’s house and went to pick Katherine up from the airport. (Ella was supposed to have come with me and been surprised in public, but the locks on her old chair had issues so we changed the plans. She really needed this new chair.) Once Katherine was here and we had pulled all the bubble-wrap and protective tape off of it (Katherine was obsessed with not scratching it,) I called my friend and she brought Ella home.

Oh, I forgot to add that Ella was told a writer friend of mine was coming. She thought that meant blogger and was unimpressed, but not suspicious. We’ve had lots of random bloggers at our house over the years. (It was also totally true because K writes for a TV show for her non-pro skating job.)


Here’s the video as she came through the door. (My son shot it and for some reason turned my phone sideways at the end. Sorry.)

The two of them ate a fast dinner and then were off to the local skate park to try out Ella’s new wheels. Here are a few pictures from Monday night:



Worn out at the end of the night. (3 hours of skating)


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