About (re)integrate: (re)integrate is the blogging community of The Center to Reintegrate Faith, Life and Vocations, a nonprofit organization that equips God’s people to reintegrate the Christian faith with every aspect of life so that they can participate in God’s mission in the world. We feature authors who are passionate about reintegrating faith, life and vocations.

Bob Robinson (M.Div., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is the Executive Director of The Center to Reintegrate Faith, Life and Vocations. He is a writer, speaker, church consultant, college campus minister, frequent mistake repeater, forgetful husband, silly father, and depender on God’s grace and mercy.

Bob helps churches, college students, and professionals to reintegrate faith with all of life, especially with work by providing consulting, teaching, curriculum, networking, and coaching. He has written for Trinity Journal, TheHighCalling.org, and Comment Magazine. He is a doctoral candidate in “Faith, Vocation, and Culture” at Covenant Seminary. As a campus minister with CCO, he enjoys time on college campuses helping students discover Jesus Christ and live out their faith in every area of life. 

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