How We Use Faith in the Face of Fear

How We Use Faith in the Face of Fear November 9, 2017

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What can we possibly do in the face of evil? Why does God allow bad things to happen, like the shootings in Texas and Las Vegas, and multiple others? As I sit here and read about another senseless tragedy and all the prayers being offered for those lives taken too soon by the horrific circumstances that have occurred, I am reminded that the enemy is hard at work creating an atmosphere of fear, anxiety, and dread in the world. He is counting on us to turn from God’s Love because we don’t understand that God did not allow it. We, each of us–each person–is, of our own Free Will, accountable for our decisions and the outcomes and impacts those decisions have on others.

Our Lord Jesus Christ did not create us to live in fear. He gave us the authority over this world to fight the enemy. But as is so often the case, we as Christians are ignorant of the true strength and authority God has placed in us! Bad things will happen because we live in a fallen world. But our faith is the only thing that will allow us to seek God unconditionally.

If we have faith as strong as a mustard seed, we can change the circumstances around us. We need to resolve that we who live by faith are called to move what seems immovable. We are called to battle, and with God’s armor we can conquer evil and put down fear in the world.

We mustn’t sit in our safe spaces hoping nothing bad happens; we must pray! We must join together and collectively pray with conviction that God has anointed us to change the world. We are His chosen people, we are His holy priesthood, who are fully capable and empowered to hold off the evil trying to destroy us.

We are not lost as long as we turn to God. We are able to conquer evil. We can defeat what causes us to fear and withdraw from God. It’s only when we turn away from God that are we really lost.

Faith is our salvation. “Fear not, says the Lord your God” — it is more than a command, it is a mandate, it’s a revelation to our spirit to act according to the laws of heaven. Without faith we are lost, but with faith we can reclaim all that was lost and restore our rightful place as his creation.

In my upcoming book, What if You Could?, I reveal how finding faith in the face of fear is what we were created to do. In Proverbs 3:5 it says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” The most important thing you must do is Trust Him.

In the beginning, when God created mankind, He spoke light into being, and we had a personal relationship with God, and trusting Him was second nature to us. But then we listened to the enemy’s “voices” and felt we knew better and could make decisions without our Creator. Well, that took us out of the natural relationship with God. We got thrown out of the house too soon. We didn’t learn all that God wanted us to learn. As a result, our decision making is not always in line with our Creator, so we find ourselves without the full power of faith that God has for us!

However, when you seek God and come under His authority, and finish learning the lessons of faithfulness, relationship, love and power, you come into perfect relationship with Jesus Christ, our Creator. As a citizen of His Kingdom, you have the authority to call things into your life.

Fear not, there is nothing the enemy can do to us when we believe!  Our mortality is of no consequence if our spirit has claimed our true eternal inheritance.

Death is not an end for God. Even though it does separates us from those we love for a  season, we too will cross over.  We may grieve, mourn and weep for those who have been taken from us, but be comforted that they are in a place of joy and love. We will be there also through our faith and resolve to conquer what the enemy meant for evil.

May God comfort those who mourn and bring healing to their souls.

Jackelyn Viera Iloff is a senior advisor and an ordained minister at Joel Osteen Ministries/Lakewood Church. Jackelyn’s book What if You Could? Finding Faith in the Face of Fear can be found at, B& and





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