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Immigration, Refugees, and Faith Traditions

Is the Movement of Refugees and Immigrants a Threat or an Opportunity? Why?
Europe in the 21st century has witnessed the great migration of refugees from violence in the Middle East and north Africa, and the United States continues to wrestle with how to deal with immigrants from south and central America.

National borders, cultural stability, labor demands, and pure human suffering all come together in a great Gordian knot. Brexit is, in part, a result of these concerns.

What does your faith perspective teach you about refugees? How do your politics and your religious convictions come together to inform policy and shape your attitude?

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Previously in the Public Square

The Urgency of Compassion

Tomorrow is indeed today. This history of the past must not only inspire us but inform us.

Side-by-Side Religion Comparison Tool

The Side by Side Lens allows you to create an easy to read comparison chart for up to three differing religious traditions.

World Religions: An Introduction to Five Major Traditions

Introduce your students to basic information about the world's largest religions - their origins, history, beliefs, and practices. Use this guide to Patheos' resources as you plan a learning unit around world religions.

Faithful Democrats

Truth, Tolerance, and the Rise of Trump

Our land of the free, home of the brave turned 240 this past Independence Day, and our young country, though not without failure, has had much success. We have been the melting pot, the voice of democracy, and the technological trailblazer on the world’s stage. The dreams we have dreamt for equality in the workplace [Read More...]

Science On Religion

Religion builds self-control and excludes outsiders – simultaneously

A new model suggests that religion may benefit mental health by building adherents' self-control. The catch? The rituals that build self-control are what discriminate insiders from outsiders.

Religion Now

Mike Pence on the “American Heartland” and the Holy Land

By Shalom Goldman, Middlebury College.   The Republican Party platform, posted last week, gives the American-Israeli relationship considerable space. Pundits in the U.S. and Israel have duly noted the absence in the platform of any reference to a “two-state solution”—a phrase that appeared in the 2012 Republican platform but has now become identified with the [Read More...]

Religion Q&A

Does Islam’s Quran say husbands can beat their wives?

THE QUESTION: What does Islam’s holy book, the Quran, say about husbands beating their wives? THE RELIGION GUY’S ANSWER: The Guy is posting this item himself rather than our usual answer to a question posted via the Website because this oft-discussed matter has become an important public dispute. In heavily Muslim Pakistan, the nation’s Parliament [Read More...]