Group Of Intellectuals Negating Godless Atomism + Generic Atheism

Group Of Intellectuals Negating Godless Atomism + Generic Atheism September 28, 2007

I apologize for the somewhat lengthy title for this new movement (“Group Of Intellectuals Negating Godless Atomism + Generic Atheism”), and for the fact that it fails to produce an acronym. (Really, it doesn’t, don’t try). Earlier attempts to find a shorter name, such as Showing Atomism To Answer Nothing, also failed to produce an acceptable acronym.

But the name is not what is important, but what our movement stands for. All around the world, children are being indoctrinated with a godless philosophy in what should be science classrooms. Instead of learning true chemistry that agrees with sacred Scripture, children are being taught atomism. This has become possible because very few parents and concerned citizens today are aware that atomism is in fact not a true science, but a philosophy with its roots in the teachings of Greek philosopher Democritus. His teachings gave rise to Epicureanism, which shows they are fundamentally antithetical to religion, piety, and ethical behavior.

In every school the table of elements can be found displayed somewhere, influencing young minds so that, by the time they are taught the table’s contents, they are already open to accept what they are told.

But there are some questions these modern-day atomists cannot answer. For instance, if molecules in fact come from atoms, then why does atomic theory teach that there are still atoms? It only takes common sense to defeat this godless philosophy. But all the practitioners of chemistry, who claim to be engaging in science, are so indoctrinated as to be blind to the alternatives.

It is the aim of this movement to draw attention to just such alternatives. What we propose be taught alongside atomism is a superior and truly scientific theory called “intelligent molecularism”. Instead of claiming that the elements we see around us, such as air and water, can be subdivided into atoms, we claim that, in accordance with the teaching of Scripture, these elements are held together not by impersonal “atomic forces”, but by the divine command (Hebrews 1:3). The elements, in our view, are “irreducibly composed” (IC for short).

We also advocate the addition of stickers to chemistry textbooks used in public school classrooms. These disclaimers will read:

“Atomic theory is only a theory. No one has ever seen an atom, nor the forces that are supposed to hold them together. This theory should be critically evaluated, and alternatives seriously considered”.

The movement to free the minds of a new generation from godless chemistry has begun. Will you join us?

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