Reactions to Judgment Day: Some Cdesign Proponentsists Quiet, Others Whining

Reactions to Judgment Day: Some Cdesign Proponentsists Quiet, Others Whining November 14, 2007

The National Center for Science Education has issued a press release affirming the accuracy of last night’s NOVA documentary “Judgment Day” about the Dover intelligent design trial.

I notice that over at Uncommon Descent they are not mentioning it. Presumably they are keeping quiet and hoping it will be forgotten. Presumably if anyone does try to mention it they will be summarily banned…

The Discovery Institute is lamenting the bias NOVA and PBS have against intelligent design (but, inexplicably, not their bias against astrology, which according to Michael Behe’s definition of science is also a scientific theory). They have also posted links to many of their earlier responses/complaints about the Dover trial. They also plan (get this) to see whether the PBS information packet for teachers that accompanies the documentary violates the establishment clause! They are happy to try to circumvent the establishment clause in order to get their own unscientific viewpoint into classrooms, but they object to anyone saying that science doesn’t undermine religion, since the fact that science doesn’t undermine religion undermines their own position, based as it is on a false antithesis between the two. Intelligent Design presumes God must work through acts that are scientifically inexplicable, even though this is not a historic teaching of Christianity or the Bible. The problem, for them, is that teaching that evolution doesn’t undermine religion undermines their religion. They may dress their religious outlook up in a lab coat, but (to quote Men in Black) “It’s not much of a disguise, is it?”

Note that none of those whining about how unfairly oppressed they are do so on forums where anyone can comment and highlight the hypocrisy and “breathtaking inanity” of their position.

Meanwhile ERV will presumably continue to deliver scientific punches at Behe. Hopefully before it gets any more painful, Behe will cry ‘uncle’ and tell her to pick on someone her own size (intellectually, that is). He should have checked his star chart before he pursued this course of action.

Many science blogs have posted something on the show, some even live blogging it.

Anyone who thinks the title of this post contains a typographical error can see my previous one for an explanation.

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