This Is Only A Parody

This Is Only A Parody December 17, 2007

DISCLAIMER: What follows is a parody. Any suspicion that what follows reflects actual events and the genuine involvement of the persons mentioned is misguided. None of the persons mentioned – Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, William Dembski, the Pope, FTK, cdesign proponentsists, flat earthers, penguins, camels, Barry Manilow and amoebas – has approved of this parody or any of the comments that it may generate.

I have no evidence that any real-life mathmematician actually calculated that there is no information in William Dembski’s books, and that they thus can not have been intelligently designed. Nor do I have any evidence that Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens kissed on stage during the Grammy awards, the International Freethinkers Book Award, or any other award ceremony. No actual penguins posted on discussion boards. No camels maintain blogs. The obediently-marching bedbugs are an allusion to the apocryphal Acts of John. No such bedbugs have actually been seen by any person living today, to my knowledge. The man-eating seals are an allusion to the apocryphal Acts of Paul and Thecla. Any resemblance to any actual seals currently alive is entirely coincidental. The author of this parody does not intend to encourage any persons or animals to actually attempt to cross Niagara Falls, or any other body of water, ravine or other such space, on a tightrope, nor on any long piece of string, rope, yarn or other cord-like entity that might be mistaken for or misused as a tightrope. Any resemblance of any events recounted in this post to any events actual or imagined by other persons is entirely unintentional.

Now, for the parody…

Oh…never mind…

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