Human Rights Around The Universe

Human Rights Around The Universe May 15, 2008

Amused Muse points out that the Discovery Institute is closer to Hitler’s view than those they accuse. For those who still know what “right wing” means, this is no surprise. Also at Pharyngula, which has another post on a University being taken to court because it dares to point out that some religious views are wrong about the facts. John Pieret also covers this topic. Ben Stein is still wrong in a way that can result in the loss of human life. Of the Discovery Institute’s list of dissenters from Darwinism, 2% are confirmed as biologists who genuinely doubt evolution.

Mainstream Baptist notes the dangers of trying to challenge Christian nationalism, even though the latter is an oxymoron. Secher Nbiw shares a clip about Iran. N. T. Wrong blogs about American Empire. Ruth Gledhill has been blogging the persecution index. The Lead blogs about human dignity and scientific perspectives on spiritual states. Alan Lenzi reviews a book on cognition and religion.

Pisteuomen joins in drawing attention to the blog for human rights event.

SF Gospel mentions Beliefnet’s top ten spiritual sci-fi characters.

David Ker recommends sites for Christian satire.

Also don’t miss the cool photo of a young supernova at IO9, Scientific Blogging (which also touches on video games and violence) and New Scientist.

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