When Christians Disagree

When Christians Disagree August 2, 2008

Tomorrow the Sunday School class I teach at Crooked Creek Baptist Church will finish working through the Gospel of John. A week from then we’ll begin a new series for which the title is “When Christians Disagree: Dealing with and delighting in our differences”. I posted a draft of the idea a while back here on the blog. I’m planning on perhaps recommending those who attend tomorrow to read Galatians 1-2 (a great part of the Bible for talking about Christians disagreeing) and doing a survey through some instances in which authors seem not to have seen eye to eye. I expect that will lead quite naturally into our first main topic about which Christians disagree, namely different view Christians have of what the Bible is and how it should be approached.

I’d love to make some video clips to go along with the series, as well as some handouts, links and other materials, and make them available here (as well as on the church’s blog/site, which I recently created and still need to expand on and develop). In practice, I think I’ll be lucky if I have an outline ready beforehand! 🙂

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  • I look forward to seeing the kind of materials you will be using. I’ll be starting a series this fall in my adult Sunday school class that looks at the faith practices of different traditions within Christianity, and uses the book _Christianity’s Family Tree_ as a starting point. Helping others to see that there have been many differing ways of reading the Bible is challenging, and I hope to learn from your experience.

  • Thanks for the book recommendation – I’m going to take a look and see if it would work for my class!