Blogging Creationism: The Highlights

Blogging Creationism: The Highlights September 12, 2008

Having provided round-ups of my blogging on Intelligent Design and on LOST, I thought I’d follow up with a collection of my posts on creationism. There is some overlap with the subject of Intelligent Design, but enough distinction (and enough separate posts) to make it seem worth doing. I’ve put serious ones, and in particular ones showing the problems with the way young-earth creationists misuse Biblical texts, towards the beginning.

Creationism’s Cartoon Physics

Teaching the Genesis Creation Stories
Evidence and Faith: The Creationist Paradox
Let God Be True And Every Young-Earth Creationist A Liar
Wisdom and Foolishness, Pride and Judgment
Award for the Most Hypocritical Argument in the History of Creationism
The plain sense of the Bible
Statement of Faith for Biblical Literalists
Literal Days vs. 24-Hour Days, and Adam vs. Christ
The Tree Of Life
Got Genesis? Homogenized and Pasteurized!
The Genesis Creation Stories and the Environment
Let Us Make Human Beings In Our Image
Review of Monkey Girl by Edward Humes
Creationism and Censorship
‘Tis But A Scratch
Young-Earth Creationism isn’t Science, but a Cult!
Fossil Hunting
AIG Creation Museum refuted by fossils found beneath museum
Evolutionists, Darwinism and Crackpot Theories
The Argument From Incredulity
Taking Things On Faith
God is a mystery, not an explanation
A Review of God and Evolution
The View From The Center Of The Universe
The Evolutionist Conspiracy
The Darwin Code
Sean B. Carroll
Things Your Minister Wishes He Could Tell You
Blog the Controversy
On Millstones and Stumbling Blocks
Transitional Forms as Evidence for Evolution: Tiktaalik and cdesign proponentsists
The Discovery Institute Responds
Answers in Genesis Wikipedia Edits
Privileged Planet? Copernicus vs. Goldilocks: Smackdown
Monkeys and Typewriters on the Edge of Evolution
Evolution of the Marshmallow
Creation/Evolution of a Vice-Presidential Candidate
Quote of the Day (Daniel Radosh)
Quote of the Day (John Derbyshire)
Which Quote Of The Day? (Gordon J. Glover x2)
Quote of the Day (P. Z. Myers)
Quote of the Day (Jonathan Merritt)
Quote of the Day (Stephen Moshier)
Quotes of the Day (Arthur Peacocke and Howard J. Van Till)
Around the Blogosphere
The Banana and Peanut Butter Arguments on YouTube
Around the Blogosphere (The End of the Banana Argument)
Around the Blogosphere
Religion and Science on YouTube
Evolution Saturday: Resources from the National Center for Science Education
ID Like To Make A Prediction
Ruffled Feathers
Heresy: Try It, It’s Good For You!
Creatio ex nihilo
Celtic Chimps and Silly Stories
The Unicorn Museum
Benna the Stein
Paul the Pastafarisee
We Wish You An Intelligently-Designed Creationmas
Down With Secular Mathematics!

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  • Hi James,Nice list! I'm going to try to get through it at some stage.Anyway, I thought you might like to know about a story that has just appeared on Slashdot. It turns out the Education Director for the Royal Society is an Anglican priest—and he's pushing for creationism to be included in science classes. The idea is that teachers need to engage with the world views of the students. Just saying 'you're wrong' isn't a good way to teach.Understandably, this has upset more than a few people, including Nobel laureates and other reasonably intelligent people.The story—with links to all the goodness—can be found at;=rssEnjoy!