On The Trail of NT Wrong, Part 3

On The Trail of NT Wrong, Part 3 December 3, 2008

J. C. Baker has posted twice, on the identity of NT Wrong and more proof that Mark Goodacre is NT Wrong.

A remark made in the context of his posts suggests J. C. is deeply pained by his failure to make the Top 50 Bibliobloggers’ list. This leads us to suspect that in fact…J. C. is NT Wrong, and the whole thing was a ploy to achieve the status of legend, creating a fictional persona and then unmasking him as someone else. What genius! Rather than simply begin his own Top 50 list, he starts one under a mysterious pseudonym, and thereby creates both a list and a means to earn the top rank through his pseudo-detective work.

He also found that hardly noticeable search button remarkably fast, didn’t he?

More of the genius of NT Wrong can be see in the fact that he is listed as #14 on both the October and November Top 50 lists. The name of the blog symbolizes the fact that the New Testament is wrong, and a classic example is Matthew’s claim that he provides three groups of 14 generations in his genealogy of Jesus, whereas in fact he provides two groups of 14 and one of 13. NT Wrong’s ranking provides an intertextual echo of Matthew’s wrongness. And in the comment that lists him as Bishop of Durham (North Carolina), NT Wrong spells “so” with 6 of the letter “o”, alluding to the significance of the number 6 in the Book of Revelation. Moreover, 919 is the area code of Durham, North Carolina, which when satanically inverted looks just like 616, the “other number of the beast” in some versions of Revelation. What an evil mastermind we are dealing with!

Meanwhile, Jim West is denying that he is or has ever been Wrong – precisely what I would expect NT Wrong to say under the circumstances!

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