Somewhat Evangelical

Somewhat Evangelical December 4, 2008

That’s how I ranked in the quiz that Jim West directed us to. And that sounds about right.

There seems to be an increase in willingness among at least some Evangelicals to be self-critical. And one good but challenging place to start, if you haven’t already, is by watching the video excerpt from God on Trial that Fred Anderson shared on his blog:

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  • “Backslidden”. Yep, that would definitely be me ;-).

  • Powerful!!! What kind of God, indeed!!!(I’m surprised that you’re “somewhat evangelical”)…

  • “Backslidden,” it says. Funny given that I went to Church this morning, where I went to Confession and received Holy Communion! 😉

  • Pete

    I was backslidden but I was pretty close to somewhat Evangelical. I consider myself a self-critical evangelical, but then I think I have been critical enough that other evangelicals will no longer allow me to retain the title, and I am not sure I would want to anyway. Can one be evangelical and accept:evolutionJEPDbe soft on homosexuality

  • “Soft” is one of the words Paul used that sometimes gets translated as homosexuality… :)Almost all Evangelical scholars who work on the Pentateuch accept some form of the documentary hypothesis, although that information rarely makes it to people in pews.Evolution? Absolutely. Even when the fundamentals were listed that gave fundamentalism its name, literal young-earth creationism wasn’t on the list. But of course, it depends on who is defining “evangelical”. Not only Evangelicals but many religious traditions are quite adept at giving their adherents the impression that their viewpoint is normative and always has been.

  • Pete

    Almost all Evangelical scholars who work on the Pentateuch accept some form of the documentary hypothesisInteresting. My particular leaning towards JEPD has pushed me far enough to suspect a great deal of the early history of Israel is pretty far from actual history. I think at this last point, to actually make a claim regarding history is to bring up the question of what I mean by innerrancy, especially if a good deal of even the narrative is not historical. That is probably why I don’t want to quite admit it to myself, because there is only so far I can push the innerrancy term, and I think this is pretty much beyond that. And that would pretty much be a done deal for the relationship between myself and my community.