Weapons in the War on Science

Weapons in the War on Science February 20, 2009

I happened across a blog, “Science and Values”, to which I regret providing a link as it may contribute to them gaining Technorati or some other sort of “authority” they do not deserve. The most recent post illustrates the tactics used by deceitful individuals determined not only to attack science without warrant, but to give Christianity a bad name in the process.

Here are some of the “weapons” used:

(1) Accuse of racism: The blog post takes as its jumping-off point a cartoon that blames the economic stimulus legislation on an ape of some sort. Evolution is then blamed as the source of racism, even though that is nonsense. Science does not claim that people of one particular skin color are more closely related to other primates than human beings with another shade of skin.

(2) Blame “Darwinism”: Our relatedness to other life on this planet is now confirmed most decisively by genetics, a field of science that allows us to speak about such degrees of relationship with much greater precision than was previously possible. Genetics, of course, was not even invented in Darwin’s time, although its discovery confirmed what Darwin’s theory expected to be the case if it were to be correct.

(3) Parade your irrelevant qualifications: I obviously think having letters after one’s name is an admirable thing, but expertise in meteorology does not give you any greater relevant qualifications to speak about evolution than my own.

It saddens me when people who claim to be Christians nevertheless spend their time ignoring the things the Bible focuses on, and instead show their greatest interest to be in pridefully claiming themselves to be right and everyone else to be wrong with respect to matters that they have not even taken the time to fully understand.

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