God and Gays

God and Gays March 17, 2009

I want to mention a very recent documentary, God and Gays, featuring gay Christians talking about the struggles they have faced as they have worked through their spiritual and sexual identities. While the segment on the Bible in the second half of the movie could have been better in some ways, the personal experiences shared more than make up for it.

I recommend it for those interested in exploring this topic. Certainly no one should be talking about homosexuality as a topic in the abstract in churches, without also listening to the stories and catching a glimpse of the lives of actual people for whom this is not merely a theoretical issue. Indeed, a key point made in the movie is how opinions on various issues related to homosexuality differ between those who know and do not know (or better, between those who know they know and those who don’t know they know) someone that is gay personally.

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