Quote of the Day (Eric Reitan)

Quote of the Day (Eric Reitan) April 10, 2009
“[T]he doctrine of biblical inerrancy has the effect of inspiring its adherents to pay more attention to a text than to the neighbors they are called upon to love. Sometimes it even inspires them to plug up their ears with Bible verses, so that they can no longer hear the anguished cries of neighbors whose suffering is brought on by allegiance to the literal sense of those very texts.”
— Eric Reitan, at Religion Dispatches Pulpit

Also at Religion Dispatches is an article about Roger Haight and his views on, among other things, the resurrection. Loren Rosson looks at human nature. Bible Bending shared this video of Stephen Colbert freeing his Jews:

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Birkat Hachama – Stephen Frees His Jews
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And Progression of Faith has a video that raises some questions about the way some Christians understand certain doctrines – in a manner that some will probably find amusing, while others may find it offensive. But they are important questions, and ones that need to be thought about:

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