Biblioblog Top 50 May 2009

Biblioblog Top 50 May 2009 May 31, 2009

The Biblioblog Top 50 for this past month (May 2009) has been posted. I didn’t do too badly, and am simply grateful that my status as a biblioblog hasn’t been revoked when most of my posts this past month have been about LOST, panentheism, and various other topics that may well be very interesting (I certainly think they are), but are only marginally biblioblogical.

The biblioblog listings are always worth a look, even for those who keep an eye on the biblioblogosphere anyway. I was made aware of a blog I didn’t previously know about, run by a Romanian with interests in the Ancient Near East, ancient manuscripts, archaeology and much more. And for those of us who know Romanian, he has several other interesting blogs that are definitely worth a look.

Bine ati venit Theophyle in lista biblioblogurilor!
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