Catcerto August 2, 2009

Presumably anyone who has watched Tom & Jerry will be familiar with the Cat Concerto.

Well, now thanks to a surprisingly talented real-life feline, and an even more talented and creative Lithuanian composer, we give you: Catcerto!

HT Ephemeral Thoughts

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  • Wonderful !The analogy is too tempting, so I must succumb (the flesh is weak):Much of Christianity seems like a staged performance around the actions of someone who never intended the final production.

  • Ted

    I'm not sure which I'm more impressed with — the piece or Sabio's comment.

  • Well, if this cat flubs his big performance, he has 8 more to make up for it. And Jesus? Thank God for Disciples.

  • Kay

    I'm glad you liked it James. And I really liked Sabio's comment!