The Epic of Gilgawest: A Myth of Biblioblog Origins

The Epic of Gilgawest: A Myth of Biblioblog Origins September 10, 2009

In the beginning, there was Jim Davila. And the blogosphere was formless and void, and NT Wrong was fishing [NOTE: some manuscripts provide a different spelling here] in the darkness.

And while Jim was still contemplating what to call that which he was about to inaugurate, Mark Goodacre said “Let there be blogging”. And there was blogging. And it was mostly good. And Mark said “Let there be a division in the blogs, to separate the scholarly from the Dr. Who. And it was so (at least for him).

And The Top 50 Biblioblogs said, “Let there be emblems and insignia, for sidebars and for separating days, months, and seasons, wheat from chaff, insiders from outsiders.” And it was sort of like that.

And then the SBL took counsel with Jim West and said, “Let us make bibliobloggers in our own image, in our likeness.” And so they made bibliobloggers in their image, and in their likeness, except for the ones who weren’t, and the ones who were still debating what a biblioblog is anyway. Male and female they made them, and April DeConick saw that it was good – or at least slightly better.

And on random days throughout the week the bibliobloggers rested, but usually for not more than an hour at a time, unless they were of those serious biblioblogs that never mention Zwingli, or total depravity, or cats, or Doctor Who, or Lost, or evolution.

And thus it remains until the present day. Except when it doesn’t. Amen.

P.S. Don’t show this to the Demiurge, who is sure that he is the supreme deity and creator of all that exists. His origins are lost in time immemorial, but the above is how it really happened. Honest. So say we all.

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