Ezekiel Bread: Who Eats This Crap?

Ezekiel Bread: Who Eats This Crap? October 9, 2009

I apologize for the pun in the title, but today I’m teaching on Ezekiel, and had seen mentions before of “Ezekiel bread” and decided to look into it further. There really is such a thing, although the version featured in the picture is, I am guessing, a spoof. But of course, if I see it advertised on Conservapedia I may have to change my mind about that.

If you want to make your own “Ezekiel bread” you can buy a kit on Amazon. It is called the Ezekiel Bread Making Kit. I didn’t see a label anywhere, but I presume that human or animal dung is not included and you have to provide that yourself.

For me, the scariest thing is that they are able to market Ezekiel cereal…with raisins. Ugh.
If you don’t get why this is funny/disgusting, here’s a link to a passage in Ezekiel that should clarify things. Presumably this is an excellent example of why interpretation in context is important. Not only is the recipe for the bread not provided because it is healthy, but I really suspect that if the person who came up with the idea for “Ezekiel 4:9 Bread” had read all the way to v12, he or she might have thought twice about this.
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  • Anonymous

    Oh, yes, it exists, and the version in the picture is definitely a spoof!My husband is a fan of it and is a passionate cook and a very health-minded physician. He's always looking for healthy brands of bread. This one is low carb with lots of seeds and whole grains — which is probably why they were attracted to the verse they did reference.However, he did not understand why I burst out laughing when he first brought it home. Obviously the makers never read the passage before naming the bread, or they would have found another. But I teach a Bible class . . . I knew verse 12 as well. I stick to Roman Meal, myself, which raises other theological issues.

  • I guess they also missed the part about only drinking a sixth of a hin of water (.6 liter) for the day. The Ezekiel 4:9 brand takes up an entire frozen food case at one of the stores where we shop.I don't mind eating healthy, but I don't like manipulative diets that guilt unwary Christians into choices because it is a "biblical" diet. The Bible Diet (Maker's Diet) is an example of this kind of sham.

  • Ezekiel bread is actually very good – as "Anonymous" posted, it has low carbs and lots of seeds and other organic/natural grain instead of the high-fructose corn syrup almost every pre-packaged bread comes saturated with.Also, it should be Ezekiel 4:9 – GREAT spoof, though: http://bible.cc/ezekiel/4-9.htmI'm not sure that it is intended to be a "biblical diet" at all, nor are the owners overtly Christian/Jewish (http://www.foodforlife.com/about-us.html) – I think it's just about being health-conscious and eating foods that are good for you and kosher (well, maybe they're Jews).http://www.foodforlife.com/sprouted-grain-difference.html – the idea is about sprouted grain being used for food: "Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9® Sprouted Grain Bread is inspired by the Holy Scripture verse Ezekiel 4:9. Our 2,500 year old prodigy is made from six certified organic grains and legumes, sprouted in filtered water with a touch of organic malted barley and sea salt. This bread is truly the staff of life.They don't seem to be suggesting that this is the only way to live, just that the health content is much higher and the crap content much lower as compared with enriched wheat/flour, etc.(Is it apparent that I decided to go vegan for a little while?)

  • Anonymous

    I actually bring the "Ezekiel 4:9 Bread" into class when I teach Ezekiel in order to explain how readers fail to see what the text itself explains.It is amazing how many people take any reference to food in the Bible as some kind of divine health food guide!I then point out that no one seems to be making "Ezekiel 4:12 bread" (though as you have shown, some clever person decided to create an spoof ad for it!)Actually, the universal consensus among my students is that the bread tasted like cardboard. I'm afraid I have to agree.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, two anonymouses who teach Bible classes already? Anonymi? Anyway. I am the anonymous poster whose husband likes that bread; hadn't thought of taking it to my Bible class as the anonymous poster directly above did, but I agree with you and your students: it does taste like cardboard. Thus we are a house divided, with two brands of sandwich bread.-A.K.

  • Now, now, James. Ezekiel's bread didn't contain dung. It was cooked over burning dung. And God gave him a pass so that he could use cow dung instead. Don't you people read?By the way, the big wildfire that burned north of my town recently was started by the spontaneous combustion of animal dung, thus proving the Bible scientifically accurate. You can cook over the stuff. 🙂

  • Chris, that is of course one of the first things I pointed out to my class when I showed them the picture today. Perhaps it should say something about "natural aromas"?

  • The cereal is really tasty and filling. It's like Grape Nuts on steroids.

  • I can't tell you how many hot dogs, marshmellows and hamburgers I've roasted over dry cow dung. We used to fish in the San Francisco Delta area where there is a fair amount of range land and cattle. There aren't many trees in the area, so we'd use dried cow dung for our fires. It wasn't bad and didn't leave any aftertaste. And the food was great.

  • Anonymous

    Ezekiel 4:9 and Ezekiel 4:12 are all talking about the same bread.Verse 12 is referring back to verse 9! Except for the "drinking water" part, there is no break in the context or in the thought. Ezekiel bread MUST BE "baked in your site with dung that comes out of man."

  • Ya, and they also MISSED, Ummmm Missed, that the dung was used as a fuel source…Respectfully, maybe read the whole passage first, next time.

  • Wayne

    What do you have for breakfast Sugar Pops? This is the most healthy cereal
    I have ever found and I have looked real hard. It is live, organic and sprouted grains.
    You probably don’t know what live food is but look into it.
    Enjoy your Sugar Pops!

  • legit comments

    Probably another one of these ignorant, new age athiest made this

  • Lori Moretti

    Thank you! In context God is NOT commanding Ezekiel to eat this bread for his health, but using him as an example of how defiled His people had become. It’s God’s recipe FOR A CURSE!!! The people who came up with Ezekiel bread are probably going to start up a Hosea Dating Service…Godly young men can choose prostitutes to marry…Hey, it’s in the Bible…it’s God’s method of choosing a wife, right??? smh