We’re All #1 Meme

We’re All #1 Meme December 31, 2009

To end the old year/begin the new year right, I thought I’d provide a fun antidote (or at least supplement) to the atheist/Christian biblioblog rankings kerfuffle. Different systems assess different things and rank differently, which could potentially lead to arguments over who is really ranked this way or that. On the other hand, we’re all good at something. And so I thought I’d try to start a meme that gives bloggers an opportunity to say what they rank #1 in. For me, I am the top result if you search on Google for the keywords corpulent pachyderms (no quotation marks needed).

What search brings you up in first place? The rules of the meme are (1) no quotation marks, (2) the search term cannot include your name or the name of your blog.

I tag Jim West, John Loftus, Joel Watts and Jim Linville (maintaining my status as Switzerland between the currently-disputing biblioblogging nations). But even if I didn’t tag you, you’re welcome to join in the fun!

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