How Did We Ever Manage To Do Research Before?

How Did We Ever Manage To Do Research Before? February 24, 2010

In connection with one of my current research projects, I was looking for treatments of baptism and the figure of John the Baptist in the Nag Hammadi texts. April DeConick kindly reminded me about the two-volume Nag Hammadi Bibliography. These are very useful volumes, but without the sort of indexes that would make the printed volumes themselves particularly helpful for this kind of search.

Today, we just find a preview on Google Books and find the relevant pages, saving literally hours of flipping through the volumes to find all potentially useful references.

And of course, you can then type in relevant keywords on Google Books and see what else comes up. And if you have a blog, you can even share some of what you found by embedding the books here.

How did we ever manage to do research before we had these resources? The answer is: much more slowly and less efficiently. It is an exciting time to be in academia!

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