Margaret Robinson on Who God is and How we Know

Margaret Robinson on Who God is and How we Know February 10, 2010

iRobyn has been doing a series discussing different individuals’ views not only on who or what they believe God is, but als what led them to their conclusions. The most recent post in the series features Margaret Robinson, who says (among other things):

A God that is accessible only through the Bible is not of much use as deities go. Harry Potter seems more immanent; at least he’s also available in DVD. If God is truly present now then the attachment of so much importance to the Bible seems unnecessary. After all, why should a collection of reflections on dead people’s relationships with God be more authoritative than the one you’re having with God now? That is how I view the Bible – as a collection of blogs and tweets about someone we both claim we know.

It is an interesting post, and an interesting series so far!

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