Mythicist Quote of the Day (Neil Godfrey)

Mythicist Quote of the Day (Neil Godfrey) March 6, 2010
“Exegesis of a narrative cannot magically conjure up evidence for the historical reality of the narrative…Sanders is merely attempting to calculate what narrative details are more or less likely to make sense of the larger plot, given the assumption that the narrative originated largely from “traditions” going back to an historical Jesus. Historicity itself is an assumption.”

I was tempted to not cite the source and ask readers connected with academia what grade they would give to a student who wrote this, in terms of the understanding of how historians use texts when no other sources are available, and in terms of E. P. Sanders’ use of the “criteria of authenticity.” But I don’t think it would be fair to get others entangled in these seemingly interminable discussions under false pretenses. But I think the quote speaks for itself, and doesn’t really need further comment.

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