Scientists’ Last Supper

Scientists’ Last Supper April 13, 2010

After Battlestar Galactica and LOST Last Suppers, this may not seem all that interesting. It also seems to reflect the mistaken idea that a “last supper” is a get-together of all the great figures connected with a particular tradition. This illustrates well why understanding cultural references before adapting them is important. Although I can get Stephen Hawking as Albert Einstein’s “beloved disciple,” I don’t think the person who made this was even aware of depicting Louis Pasteur in the role of Judas! But I thought I’d share it nevertheless, since it seems like it might generate discussion.

From Rational Crank via Friendly Atheist

"Oh wait, is that what happened after this? :"

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  • i'm just wondering where christopher lloyd — er, emmett "doc" brown — is in the painting?

  • So, is "it" about "public health"???