P4: Progressive/Panentheist Praise Project

P4: Progressive/Panentheist Praise Project May 6, 2010

I made a remark in a comment, as seriously as I ever am about anything, but merely in passing, curious whether anyone would find the idea interesting. Since someone did, I decided to post about it and see if I can get a sense of just how much interest there is, and whether a blog can facilitate collaboration on something like this.

The idea is for a Progressive/Panentheist Praise Project, an endeavor for Christians whose theological outlook is rarely expressed through contemporary Christian music, and sometimes profoundly at odds with it, to produce music and lyrics that does reflect where we are coming from and how we view things.

I expect that this will be a topic for further discussion here. For now, I just want to float the idea in a post of its own, rather than as a passing remark in a comment, and see what readers have to say! But let me add that I am aware that in the more progressive and creative versions of Christianity there are multiple viewpoints, imagery, concepts, metaphors, not to mention stylistic preferences and other differences that are always there. And so the aim is not to express one particular other group or movement’s views, but simply to express views and ways of being Christian that are not usually represented in contemporary Christian music.

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