The Nature Of Scholarship in the Blogosphere

The Nature Of Scholarship in the Blogosphere May 13, 2010

Today various blogs I read converged around the topic of scholarship – what it is and how it is done.

Jesus Creed discussed scholarly consensus and critical thinking, and explained why scholarship is not determined by a show of hands or popular opinion. That post was inspired by one at BioLogos by Karl Giberson with the memorable title “Would You Like Fries With That Theory?”

This also relates to this comic shared yesterday at Bad Astronomy:


Evangelical Textual Criticism distilled a list of the top journals in New Testament by working with three sets of rankings: the Australian Research Council, the European Science Foundation, and Joseph Fitzmyer’s An Introductory Bibliography for the Study of Scripture.

Also related is Eric Reitan’s post about authorial voice and the relationship between academic argument, personality and mode of expression. And there’s an interview with Gretta Vosper in which subjects such as the academic study of the Bible, faith and practice are to the fore.

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