Ken Miller on Chromosome Fusion as Evidence for Human Evolution

Ken Miller on Chromosome Fusion as Evidence for Human Evolution July 25, 2010

In the video below, Ken Miller, the renowned Roman Catholic biologist, explains one example of evidence for evolution, and ends with a theological point about why he rejects Intelligent Design:

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  • Nice link and I like that you caught the point he makes at the end about the nature of the Designer. It is one that I have made in my standard science and religion discussions and it has always bugged me.The comment is made over and over in Scripture, and most pointedly by Jesus on several ocassions, that God is an active agent in hiding knowledge to be reserved for divine revelation. That would seem to contradict the whole God rewards diligent searching for knowledge idea. If God is still active in hiding knowledge then need some kind of test that allows us to identify knowledge that God is hiding. I guess my question is … "Is God still active in hiding knwledge from man?"

  • Don

    James- Very interesting post for the non-science person.As an aside, Ican read your "new" style "matrix" blog on my MacBook Pro, but cannot on my PC. On the PC, allI see is the green/black matrix background with unintelligible print layed on top of it. Strange, huh? No explanation from this end.

  • Male and female monkeys wandered into the Jungle of Eden and ate from a banana tree that was provided by the Creator. Years later, two of their offspring would meet under an apple tree.

  • Don, is it just the header that shows up that way, or the whole blog?It may be a browser issue. I've tested it on IE and Chrome but not Safari or Firefox.Please do let me know, so that I can try to fix it! Thanks!

  • It works fine in Firefox

  • stephen

    Good. That settles the evolution thing. Now we can concentrate on loving each other.